Top Ten Most Admired Windows Systems

This list is about the Windows systems that we use a lot, it's really fun! But I want to see what you guys think you like best! Remember to vote, comment, and make a remix on this list!

The Top Ten

1 Windows XP

I had windows xp from 2008-2014 it sucked when I got rid of windows xp when moving on to windows 7, I missed using microsoft sam and all the gamehouse games I had, windows 7 has microsoft anna, but microsoft sam always be my most favorite, now I am on windows 10, I hate they removed microsoft david desktop from windows 10

2000s kids will remember this

I had A VM With This But My 10 Got reinstalled So Ill try to install this again

This one is the most admired, it is fun, loads faster, easy to understand, and has lots of features! If you ever go into a Windows shop, you should get Windows XP, it is fun!

2 Windows 7


This one is great! The graphics are better, everything load quicker, and has even more features!

Way better then windows 8 and the features are good

Using it right now. It's great. - PositronWildhawk

3 Windows Vista

I like this os. I don't know what people are talking about the crashes, my desktop dell vista lasted 7 years and it only crashed once then we got a new one - Harri666

This one is mixed between Windows XP and Windows 7, and the way it's mixed means it's fun!

I love this OS, I had a Windows Vista Dell from 2006 and it lasted 7 years, It was quite powerful and it had very good graphics, I think it looks better than windows 7 but Office 2010 is better than 2007. I can't wait for Windows 10 and I also find windows 8.1 ok. - Harri666

Great let Vista beat 7

4 Windows 8

Kinda bad, everything glitches a little, but still everything is awesome! Plus it's easier to get to Firefox!

Windows 8 is ok... But I kinda need to take a tutorial for windows 8 - Harri666

I hate windows 8 and I found out there was no intel express graphics driver that is compatible. So I am stuck with incompatible drivers. I am just going to renistall windows 7 but first I have to back up my files. Windows 8 changes are weird getting rid of the start menu, and the metro interface, and the cubersome tablet interface makes it hard to get around with a mouse, and keyboard

5 Windows 95

This needs to be #1. Based on MS-DOS, so dos games work.

Brought the task bar, start button, and most importantly, INTERNET! - floridiancat

6 Windows 2000

This one came in 2000, it's kind of confusing but you would get used to it after a couple of days.

7 Windows 8.1

This is the latest Windows product, it's a little better but there are still some glitches, but everything else improves!

I know what em doing just best, still best

Been using this for a couple of months and have had no issues what so ever. Looks better and the start menu is nicer than the start bar. Well done MS keep up the good work. Oh wait, every1 h8s w8 so your recreating w7 but with live tiles on the start bar and squares everywhere in w10. I cri

8 Windows ME

It Always Crashes Remember? - CuteGirlJigglypuff

REMOVE! - BorisRule

9 Windows 3.0
10 Windows 10

Currently in beta, it looks amazing and it will be free to buy for windows 7/8/8.1 in the first year, so it isn't a subscription model. Also Windows Phone 10 looks really cool and I can't wait to get it on my Lumia 625. Windows 10 will be windows 8.1 mixed with windows 7. - Harri666

Better than Windows 7

Windows 10 looks straight up ugly, it spies on your computer and tries to cram the metro UI with its start menu, come on Microsoft, can you just drop the tile crap? If you have windows 7, don't upgrade, if you have 8, still don't upgrade... Its that bad!

Became popular quickly and deserves it.

The Contenders

11 Windows 98

All hail Windows 98! - CerealGuy

12 Windows XP x64 Edition


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