Ignazio Boschetto


Ignazio has a heart of gold, an impish grin, beautiful Light streaming from his eyes, a hug that melts one's heart. He loves to dance, has some snazzy moves. He's always making people laugh. And with Ignazio, we soar with the voice of an angel. How adorable is that?!

Ignazio... Where can I start? Ignazio is one of those gifted individuals who despite being so talented, still finds time to listen carefully to his fans... Just one smile, one of his funny moves, or just a word from him make anybody's day... When I listen to his soft voice, my heart stops, and it soothes my soul... He is one of those people that can light a room just by entering into it... He is so marvelous, and yet so humble, so down to Earth... So adorable...

Beautiful tenor voice. Magnificent talent. Classically trained. 1/3 of IL VOLO. Sweetest spirit ever. Inherently funny. Most gorgeous smile. Loving to friend, family and FANS. Unbelievably handsome and Italian! Protective of his "Il VOLO brothers", tenor, Piero Barone and Baritone, Gianluca Ginoble. Totally adorable.

Ignazio is surely the sweetest young man I have ever encountered! I adore his wide infectious smile, humble and generous heart, good-natured humor, ready hugs, sincere love of people, handsome face with those beautiful eyes and cute dimples, and of course that unbelievable lyical tenor voice that always gives me chills. I have never been so captivated by a single performer. Can't get enough of his singing and so enjoy following him on IVMO. He makes me smile. I love all three Il Volo guys, but there is just something extra special about Ignazio!

He is simply adorable! He has a beautiful smile that lights up your day. He has a magnificent personality that just makes you helplessly fall in love with him. Funny, sweet, and an incredible singer. His voice is the best! I love you Ignazio!

Caruso. Caruso. Caruso. To hear Ignazio sing Caruso is breathtaking! You can hear a pin drop. With beautiful brown eyes and a head of hair that many envy, handsome Ignazio never lets his good looks get to his head. Always adding his sense of humor to the show with dance moves or a pink wig, it just doesn't get any better!

The very fact that he made a video thanking the other 2/3 of the trio for taking him on this journey with them, speaks volumes to the character of this gorgeous young man. He is blessed with talent, charm, wit and a humble heart. And his smile never quits...he lights up a room. Most definitely the most adorable guy of all time.

Ignazio is definitely the most adorable and loving guy ever. He is so charming and can put a smile on your face whenever you look at his face or hear his voice. He is also the most talented singer around. Love everything about Ignazio.

Adorable hardly describes Ignazio but its a good beginning. He has a wonderful stage presence and he practically "lights up" whenever he sings. He can't help but have this beautiful smile as his lyrical tenor voice soars in flight. He is also very kind to his fans. I hope to meet him someday and tell him thank you.

Ignazio not only has the most incredible voice and passion for music, but he has the most beautiful smile and such a warm heart, you can't help but love him! He lights up a room!

Easy, he's the ultimate adorable guy EVER! Great voice, awesome look and the sweetest heart!

Ignazio is the most beautiful, amazing and humble person that I ever known, I met him around 1 month ago and he gave me the best day of my life. He has a beautiful smile, a very humble heart and an incredible attitude. He is an amazing tenor and I love him very much.

Ignazio Boschetto of Il Volo is so adorable so talented so smart so handsome so kind, loving, caring, passionate, funny, genuine, one of a kind, sexy, good nature d and lovable. His smile can light up a room, and his voice is heavenly. Just watching him makes you want to know him and be around him. He has an amazing presents and someone you can forget as long as you live. It's makes me so happy to vote for him.

He's one of the most sweet guys ever! I can't explain everything he does but, he's perfect. No doubt

Drop-dead gorgeous in an adorable way. He has the most handsome face with eyelashes an inch long and so thick it looks like he's wearing eyeliner, but there's nothing phoney about this sweetheart. He is quite humble about himself & his amazing career. I absolutely love Ignazio.

Yes to all the Kudos for Ignazio, I remember that cute shy guy, now cute, adorable smart, sweetest with children and so talented.

He's so sweet and caring with his fans. He's down to earth and good looking. Has the voice of an angle and hits all his high notes.

His smile makes the world smile, especially with those dimples! His voice is so amazing and he loves to make everyone laugh!

I absolutely adore Ignazio! His talent is endless...his charisma, his smile and his voice...like an Angel! Bella Ignazio...love from a nana in Texas#

Sweet as sugar. As handsome as the most handsome screen idol. Smouldering sexy, but in a nice way. Gorgeous body, a sunshine smile, extroverted, loves people. Loyal to family & friends& has the most beautiful voice. Funny comedic on stage performer. Just Adorable!

Those twinkling eyes! Those dimples! That voice! That smile, that sweet spirit--adds up to one adorable package!

Ignazio is what the title describes, adorable. All you have to see is that "adorable" smile and you are really taken in by this guy. He smiles, you smile.

I had to vote for Ignazio on this one because "Adorable" describes him to a tee. Those big brown eyes, dimples and adorable smile. All this and he is "masculinity personified". I could go on and on. Needless to say he's my teddy bear! My singing teddy bear!

Ignazio is so nice and adorable he treats you like a princess it is IMPOSSIBLE to not love him

Adorable doesn't begin to list the attributes of this young man! You name it, he's got it!