Top 10 Most Advanced Refrigerators In India

With new innovations and technologies in the tech world there is an equal innovation in the utilities of refrigerators and there have been many new technology advanced refrigerators now with high end features and functions. The most advanced refrigerators in India are as follow

The Top Ten

1 LG Internet Refrigerator

LG refrigerators in India is a very popular brand among users as they serve with many good features. And this refrigerator is one of the coolest refrigerator and by the coolest tag it means the features it has and how it enhances the whole look of the kitchen. This is a very advanced refrigerator with a capacity of 730 liter and a high powered built in computer which is easily accessible via 37 centimeter touch screen LCD monitor mounted on the fridge door. The consumers can watch videos, mp3 music, and store digital photos, and make video phone call and even use the fridge as a message board or surf the web. This LG refrigerator even supports with VCR and DVD ports, a microphone and speakers. This fridge comes with a map, where the information about the food can be stored, and it can easily be known by how much time a food item is kept. This refrigerator comes at a price for Rs 9,50,000. This modern day refrigerator is so high tech that it supports an inbuilt hard drive and modem, so ...more - lakshyak

2 Foster Eco Pro G2

A refrigerator is now more than a storage space, and by this thought only foster refrigerators came with Eco Pro G2 refrigerator and are designed with thicker and robust cabinet design with advanced thermal efficiency and market leading capacity. It is a new smartphone style touch sensitive hidden unit lit control panel with unique high visibility temperature display which shows the sophistication with functionality. It comes with ergonomic door and handle design for ease of opening and cleaning, comes with the most brand new refrigeration system which is highly energy efficient. It comes with the new airlines ventilation system which cools the compressor which helps in reducing the running time by 15%. It has a re-engineered inner recessed door interface that provides mechanical barrier to help protect the gasket face from the cold air of the interior. G2 comes with a new adaptive racking system which is combined with easy to fit tray slides which allow for easy positioning and have ...more - lakshyak

3 Electrolux EI27BS26JS

Electrolux has been one a very captive journey providing with many new products with utmost advancement. One such product is the Electrolux EI27BS26JS model, which is worth the price. It costs around Rs 1,70,000; and it comes with many great features to vouch for. It has an amazing shelves slide forward and backward for easy access to items in the rear, crispers and the door shelves have plenty of room for storing gallon sized containers.
It comes with easy to remove, easy to clean plastic tray that sits on the bottom of
Freezer drawer and helps in protecting from spilling the water. This is a smart
Refrigerator having buttons, and for every utility user can press a button
And have easy access. To keep the food under good temperature, there is a system
Where the thermostat can be turned down a degree or two. This can be a good
Choice and is among a very advanced refrigerators. - lakshyak

4 GE Cafe Series Energy French Door Ice and Water Refrigerator

This one of the best refrigerator in India from GE with hot water dispenser, and allows users to choose their own temperature or can choose from one of the preprogrammed settings to simplify hot food and drink preparation. It has dispenser filtered water in accurate measurements for easy food and drinks preparations and comes with odor filtration keeping the refrigeration odor free. It have colored LED lights and have 5 accurate settings for setting optimal temperatures for the food combined with twin chill evaporators and different temperature controls in the fresh food and freezer sections. It is offered at a price of Rs 1,90,000. - lakshyak

5 Smeg FAB28UGR
6 Candy CSC 1365 WE
7 Smeg FAB28UBR
8 Candy CSC 1745 BE Fridge Freezer
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