Top 10 Advanced Warfare Elite Gun Variants

I know this type of list has been made but nobody has made a top 10 elite guns in advanced warfare so this is the first

The Top Ten

1 Asm1 Speakeasy

Best looking and best in general it will outgun the bal anyday

I guess so but it can't out gun the mp11 squaker 1200rpm

2 Hbra3 Insanity

Just got it yesterday it's nasty

3 Bal-27 Obsidian Steed

The obsidian steed is betters than the speakeasy.

I played for this gun for 9 months and my friend got it in 2 days

4 Ak12 R.I.P

Better accuracy and more fire rate

5 Arx-160 Steel Byte

This gun is way better than the speakeasy😉

6 Bal-27 Inferno

Better than the speakeasy with more fire rate

Dudes this thing deserves to be top

7 Mp11 Goliath

Great gun to use with the plus 3 damage its great

8 Mors the Doctor
9 Imr Boar Strike

The imr is bad anyway this makes it good I have the thunder tusk its not that good

Asm1 Speakeasy is a horrible elite and so overrated:/

10 Asm1 Strider

The Contenders

11 Kf5 Breakneck
12 Em1 Pwner
13 Mors Silver Bullet

Fire rate is a tad slow for this game but it feels a lot more like being back in mw2, the damage is wicked and with a little practice on timing and moving its nasty

14 S-12 Tiger Blood
15 Kf5 Spanner

All of the ones below number ten aren't in a specific order, I just thought up every elite gun I could think of so you could vote on them, but the ones in the top ten are specifically ordered - ThunderKid

16 Mp11 Squeaker

Amazing fire rate, you just need to add the right attachments.

17 Em1 Pwner
18 Ak12 Finger Trap

Don't use this if you are in a gun wager or in a game needing something long range it won't really get much of a job done

Its stats are good but with those stats you need some attachments so it is crap without helpful atachments

19 Epm3 Bona Fide
20 Imr Thunder Tusk
21 Hbra3 Bear Fist

Great gun to use somewhat better that the insanity I do not know but it somehow beats it

22 Ae4 Gigawatt
23 Ae4 Supernova
24 Na-45 Screamin
25 Atlas 20mm Virtuosity
26 Lynx Kingpin
27 Em1 Polar Vortex
28 Ameli Chicanery
29 Ameli Whale Horn
30 Sn6 the Third
31 Sn6 Money
32 Amr9 Dynamo
33 Mp11 Squeaker
34 Sn6 the Third
35 Sn6 Money
36 Ak12 Finger Trap
37 Mors Silver Bullet
38 Amr9 Dynamo
39 Amr9 Provpipe
40 Ae4 Gigawatt
41 Ae4 Supernova
42 Imr Boar Strike
43 Imr Thunder Tusk
44 Mk14 Eagle Eye
45 Mk14 Eclipse
46 Sac3 Blood and Glory
47 Mp11 Squeaker
48 Sn6 Money
49 Sn6 the Third
50 Sac3 Blood and Glory
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