Top Ten Advantages to Being Plain-Looking

As a plain-looking woman, I know what I'm talking about. It used to bother me but over the years, I've learned to see the advantages of being just average-looking; a "Plain Jane" if you prefer. And I'm a happier woman for it.
Let's celebrate those of us who aren't great beauties :)

The Top Ten Advantages to Being Plain-Looking

1 There's less pressure to remain attractive

Good-looking people have to spend hours on their looks just to look the same as they did before they started; which makes no sense at all (nonsense, in fact.) Plain Janes can go about their business without fear of our looks disappearing during the day. - Britgirl

2 When a man / woman wants to date you, you know it's because he/she accepts you as you are and isn't with you because of your looks

So... what does it mean when you're different and STILL no-one dates you...? - Rocko

He/she is able to see your more fundamental qualities. Which, let's face it (no pun intended) are more important. - Britgirl

Aw, look at the bright size. It's like naked pancakes. What's the chances they won't get covered with syrup? ;).

3 You are far less likely to be subjected to derogatory name-calling such as "Slut" or "Whore"

I know many really pretty females who are so downhearted by this, especially when it isn't true. Plain Janes are at least spared of these feelings. - Britgirl

4 It makes you work harder for the things you want

Let's not pretend that attractive males and females have a hard time getting "that job" or anything else based on their looks. It makes them lazy and complacent. Plain people have to be more tenacious, thus, having a much more feeling of accomplishment when they actually achieve their goals. It's a good feeling. - Britgirl

5 You make your friends feel more attractive

And if they're happy, you're happy too. Everyone's a winner. - Britgirl

6 Your other qualities shine through
7 Other people feel less threatened by you
8 You can take beautiful walks in wet and windy weather without fear

Some very attractive people absolutely dread this type of weather and refuse to leave the house for fear of a hair blowing out of place or their make -up getting smudged. They're the ones missing out, people. - Britgirl

9 You are able answer the phone without make-up or not brushing your hair

Yes, I know some people (men included) who don't feel "confident" answering the PHONE without prettying themselves first. Seriously, who needs that kind of hassle? - Britgirl

10 It makes you feel twice as special when someone says you are nice-looking

Attractive people take these words for granted, so they're less appreciative of it. Plain-looking people wait their whole lives to hear those words and when they come it's magical because you know they mean it. - Britgirl

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