Top Ten Advantages of There Being a North American Union

Most of us know that a North American Union is the combination of USA, Canada and Mexico.

The Top Ten

1 USA's Army

The USA has an incredibly large army. - CatCode

2 Mexico's Labor

With no intention of being racist, Mexico is not a very rich country. With the amount of labor that's already occuring, Mexico would be of great use for physical work. - CatCode

3 Canada's Size

I guess so, if you really want to live where your spit freezes before it hits the ground. - PetSounds

With the large population of United States, Canada would provide plenty of space, therefore we would not risk overpopulation. - CatCode

4 Mexico's Food

I LOVE tacos and burritos. - CatCode

5 Canada's Water

Doesn't sound like a very good deal for us; America and Mexico get our size, our water, our health care, and our government. We get Mexico's labour (which is kinda unrealistic), Mexico's food (which we already have), America's army (which we don't really want), America's education (which we already have access to), and America's debt. - PetSounds

Well, you never know. There could be a country plotting war with you right now. - CatCode

Because California is in a severe drought. - CatCode

Michigan doesn't need it... - Turkeyasylum

6 USA's Education

However, Yale, Harvard etc would still only be available to a select few. I don't see much change with this scenario as foreign students are now allowed. - Billyv

Yeah, great colleges if you can afford to pay a median household salary (quite possibly more) for four years. - keycha1n

We have some of the best colleges in the world (i.E. Yale, Harvard) and it would provide great education. - CatCode

7 Less Debt

The countries would be able to help each other out with debt. - CatCode

8 Canada's Health Care

I hear that their health care is free. - CatCode

9 One Type of Currency

As of right now, Amero is thought to be the currency if this is to happen. - CatCode

10 Better Governments

Let's face it- the United States has a bad government. Our health care sucks. Mexico is actually doing decent; but Canada has a flourishing government. - CatCode

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