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I gotta say I love Finn immensely, but Marceline just seems more... "real" because she's had a broken past of troubles and she seems to have a fairly large amount of character development within the series.

Marshall Lee (I normally don't like gender swaps) and Marceline are just really cool in their appearance and funny personality. They are totally cute. Their story when they were little must've took tome to write- it has some of our history in it. Marcy and Marsh (? ) has a lovable connection with their mom/dad and Ice King/Queen. That's why they are so awesome.

She is so incredibly pretty, and she can play the bass guitar! Isn't that amazing? She has ' powers and is the vampire princess! Even though she faces problems in life, she is so strong. Her story is also realistic so it bring that kind of feel... Anyway, she is my favourite character in Adventure Time! Continue striving Marcy!

Marceline is and always has been by far my favourite Adventure Time character. The first episode I saw her in was "What Was Missing" and something about her caught my attention, maybe it was her badass attitude, her amazing guitar skills and voice or maybe it's because she's a vampire demon hybrid. Marceline is definitely one of the most interesting characters I've ever seen, I always enjoy every episode she's in. "Simon and Marcy" and "I Remember You" were two of my favourites and their backstory is just so emotional. Her mini series "The Stakes" that explains how she became a vampire and what happened to her mother are very interesting and the song "Everything Stays" that she performs is amazing.

I love Marceline. I used to not really like her at the beginning when I started watching it in 2009 when it came out. But over the seasons I have warmed to her character. She is really cool and just an awesome character and she is really pretty. The only reason I started learning guitar is her

Marceline just has the best story and probably has the best personality traits. Her history with Simon and growing up shows how she had to cope with out him. Over all she is my favorite character also she is probably the most musically talented person there.

I agree, Marceline does seem to be the superior adventure time character. But the first time I looked up the "top ten adventure time characters" I was sure Finn was going to be number 1#. It so happens the creator of adventure time liked Marceline the most as well. The reason I like her so much is the sad backstory of ice king and Marceline the vampire queen and how ice king doesn't remember her.

Marceline's a great character for a lot of reasons. Not only because of her basic personality (a really cool bass player), but she's got a backstory that's worth its weight in gold for analyzers. She's extremely interesting, and though on the surface doesn't seem like a good character, she's really testing herself to become one (a lot like Flame Princess, who is one of my other favorites).

I love how marceline's voice is not "perfect" (perfect meaning completely auto tuned so that the singer sounds like a baby which unfortunately, a lot of voices are these days.) Marceline is my favourite character, which is saying something because they're all so loveable! She is wild, go with the flow, and a complete rock star which I adore. Though she may seem like this on the outside, on the inside she is a caring and sensitive girl with a mysterious/sad past. Plus she plays a bass that dosn't have to be plugged in, and while there are many princesses in Ooo, she is a QUEEN. The VAMPIRE queen! Plus, her hair length is goals.

I think Marceline is one of the most in depth cartoon characters in all of cartoons. She is well developed, going from a bit of a jerk in Evicted! To nice in Simon and Marcy. Her backstory is very well written with her dad problems and Ice king not remembering her and her old jerk boyfriend Ash. She deserves to be the the number one character.

I I'm so glad she is in first place. I thought Finn would be because he the main character. Nah Marceline is that really is relief for me. I'm like for obsessed with which would sound weird to you I like to draw and most of my drawings are her. Yeah, I'm that obsessed with her!

Marceline is my favorite cartoon character ever! I'm just your problem favorite song on AT. She is amazing!

Marceline is like the best character on adventure time. Usually people would say Princess bubblegum is the best character but not that really (no offense). So the people who like Marceline you guys are awesome

To me, Marceline just seems like a cute, pretty, silly, cool girl. I'm not one who loves vampires, but I love Marceline a lot! She seems so awesome! It's ok with me that she's a vampire. Especialy because she's not evil, mean, or cruel. She eats shades of red and has an amazing singing voice along with great bass-playing skills. Also, her past with Simon is very sad and every time I see the episodes (2 episodes) I almost cry because I feel empathy for her and Simon. I think she's really cute, pretty, and a fun-loving girl who has awesome friends that she loves hanging out with.

She's just so chill it's flipping crazy, shes the vampire queen and has showcased incredible powers through out the series.

I love Marceline! She's an amazing singer & her personality is awesome! She is, by far, my favorite adventure time character!

I just love Marceline. The First episode that I saw Marceline in, was What Was Missing. I love her voice, her personality, she's good at playing the bass,and she's a vampire. GO TEAM MARCELINE!

She is sexy hot, and a great bass player...

Marceline, is the vampire queen and just awesome. SHe plays instrument mainly her Bass Guitars. She flawed she not perfect, her jokes get out of hand she pick her nose, and has daddy issues, but to spite that she seems like a good person. She is the opposite of pb who I find obnoxious, and borderline evil.

Marceline is so cool. Her outfit choices and hair are always edgy and inspirational, her genderswap is equally as cool, and her past and intricate relationships with ice king and princess bubblegum are very interesting. She beats Finn but narrowly because as I find out more about his past the more I like him, but marceline is just so perfectly imperfect, she gets my #1

Marceline ROCKS! I so don't agree that she only gets 7th place. Her rock-style personality AWESOME! :D

Marceline is the funnies person in O. She also has the saddest back story. She used to travel with a man named Simon Petrikov/Ice king. Finally, the crown got the best of him and he completely forgot about little Marcy. Marceline deserve to be the number one character on adventure time because of her scaring back story.

She's so mysterious. And she's a vampire rock star! How awesome is that?!

She's my favorite character ever! : ) me and all my cousins love her so much. She's funny, pretty and a awesome singer so that makes her the best adventure time carecter ever, plus I love vampires

She is awesome. She is cool. She is fun-loving. She is a great friend. She makes me laugh!