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21 Hunson Abadeer

If you read the Adventure Time Encyclopedia, you'll see he actually has a sense of humor.

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22 Jake Jr.

I think it was never clear if Jake Jr. is a girl or a guy! - keyson

"And this little lady is Jake Jr." She's a girl, duh!

She has the same voice as Mabel lol

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23 Snow Golem
24 Joshua the Dog
25 Earl of Lemongrab Earl of Lemongrab

I find the earl really funny mainly by voise also changed as a ruler from the first introduced in too young to the mountain where we see the New earl

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26 Pig

Is this Tree Trunks' husband or the Card Wars pig? I can't tell.

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27 Me-Mow

I like him because I love! Cats

Me-mow is awesome. Why is she in the bottom? She should be number 1!


Me-Mow rocks! - Ned964

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28 Neptr

I like him when he tried to kill fp with his foam blaster I kind of wished she would die

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29 Lemonhope

Oh little Lemonhope, throw me a lemon rope...

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30 Death

Death is literally... Death! Why not put him up?

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31 The Lich The Lich The Lich (formerly named the Lich King in the original pitch and "His Hero," and referred to as Sweet Pig Trunks in his baby form, or just Sweet P for short) is a powerful undead being and a major antagonist in the American animated series Adventure Time.

The show started really random and stupid, then it got better in season 3 if I remember. Lich is the most powerful wizard and if it wasn't for Jake and Finn, he would've destroyed all life.

It's a undead, god like creature of death and destruction. I wonder if he can kill death himself?... Probably.

The most powerful creature in Adventure Time, nearly destroyed all life, can say just one word to defeat you, and turns into giant baby, what not to love.

I am legitimately scared after watching "The whispers"

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32 Billy

BILLY why is he so low on the list? D: He's only in three episodes before they decide to kill him off with the Lich you people make me sad

33 Prismo

Are you kidding me!? He is the almighty prismo!

Prismo should be #1! He's so great! He always thinks of his friends first and he's so funny. I'm so excited to see him in new episodes.

He is referred to as "the almighty" yet has a regular conversation with Jake and even informs Jake of the flaws in his wishes. He's so cool!

He's a cool dude

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34 Starchy

Starchy adds a comic relief effect to the show, and... Wait for it.. He is immortal! Yeah! He has been blown up, eaten, smashed bashed and crashed and yet he still is here for the next episode, like Kenny. And he's loved by all of the candy kingdom. Any one that can come back from 2 zombie apocalypses (even though he died during both) has to be #1! We love you starchy!

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35 Ghost Princess

She's one of my favorite princesses, along with Flame Princess and Raggedy Princess

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36 Slender Man

This better be a joke. Just because you don't like the show doesn't mean you bash those who do. - Garythesnail

I've already seen this "SLENDERMAN" in the topten list of the best couple in AT one. I mean, if you don't like AT, SUIT YOURSELF! THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE WHO LIKE AT AND YOU (the person who put this SLENDERMAN here) don't HAVE TO SCREW IT UP!

It would be funny if he made an appearance and nobody noticed.

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37 James Baxter the Horse

I just love horses! Plus he travels around on a BEACH BALL, how cool is that.

"James baxter the horse"... not "james" haha but yes I love james baxter he is cute in a weird way

James is PB's helper with finn and jake when they went in the gorge for the dirt and got chased by acid zombies. He died for his friends, but got regenerated at his funeral. laugh out loud

38 Ricardio

Quite cool. Not the best character.

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39 Lumpy Space Prince V 1 Comment
40 Abraham Lincoln - King of Mars

Isn't there, like, an actual penny on Mars? That would be funny.

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