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41 Flame Prince Flame Prince

Flame Prince deserves a bigger part on the show. He's a very interesting character, and I could see him having a romantic relationship with the Ice Queen or Marceline.

Flame Prince already kissed Fionna on the cheek at the comics! And he's so adorable...
I recommend reading the comics, you'll love Flame Prince!
I hope they make an episode that Flame Prince actually talks!
No offense, but "the prince who wanted everything"didn't let him talk!

I'm never big fan of the gender swapped version but yeah I hate Flame Princess/ Flame Prince and their fans. - 05yusuf09

He's hotter than Marshall

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42 Simon Petrikov

Why the hell is he so low in the list? He is a great guy. He took care of a kid who is not his while being in an apocalypse and while being nearer to insanity. He deserves more really

He has one of the most tragic stories of all cartoons. Need I say more?

I think a lot of people picked Ice King because of him, so he's not supposed to be somewhere here.

Simon is a cinnamon roll

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43 The Vampire King
44 Wildberry Princess V 1 Comment
45 Princess Chewypaste

She only made one appearance and that was in the comic

46 Giuseppe V 3 Comments
47 The Moon V 3 Comments
48 Susan Strong

She should be a main character

Her story is so amazing! I love that they don't forget such great characters like Susan I also love there story on how everything used to be Normal but then the world turned upside Down basically sorry I'm babbling but Susan is the best! 😀😊😃

49 Hotdog Princess
50 Slime Princess
51 Snail

The only character to appear in every episode!

52 Shoko

The epic past life of Finn needs to go way up the list.

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53 Betty Grof

She is a lady who would do anything to save her Fionce. Also, she is part of the cutest nerd couple in history.

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54 Cherry Cream Soda V 1 Comment
55 Melissa

OH MY GLOB Melissa is just so idiotically hilarious! She deserves to go higher on the list, even as just a minor character.

56 Ragdoll Princess

Shut up, Flame Princess Worshippers. Ragdoll Princess is BEST AMONG PRINCESSES!

She is such an underrated character.

I want to see her take on a bigger role so we actually learn about her character.

57 Bounce House Princess

"everyone take shelter in my body! "

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58 Guardian Angel
59 Tiffany
60 The Jiggler
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