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61 Martin the Human

Perhaps the most mysterious and treacherous characters on the show. It's finn's dad from the citadel.

62 Betty Grof

She is a lady who would do anything to save her Fionce. Also, she is part of the cutest nerd couple in history.

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Need to know more about this thing.

64 Choose Goose

Choose Goose is hilarious! He's so derpy and spontaneous that he is definitely my favorite character! He's just so cute but dumb, but also just extremely lovable.

Choose Goose is looniest character I sow in a long time. Definitely a quality character.

My name's Choose Goose! Come back for some juice!

Choose Goose should be friends with Pops from Regular Show.

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65 Jessica
66 Mark
67 Tony
68 Ragdoll Princess

Shut up, Flame Princess Worshippers. Ragdoll Princess is BEST AMONG PRINCESSES!

She is such an underrated character.

I want to see her take on a bigger role so we actually learn about her character.

69 Flame King

How he is on here? He truly an evil. - 05yusuf09

70 King Worm

WO-WO-WO-WO-WO-Come on friends, Hug Me.

71 Turtle Princess

Turtle Princess is the perfect representation of a nerd: bookworm, socially awkward... So of course she is my SPIRIT ANIMAL.

72 The Farm

I don't know how a monster who shows up for 30-40 seconds is on the list.

73 Charlie

Charlie is epic! I waited and waited for one of you people to put her on but I guess I have to do it my self.

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74 Laurel Princess

I love her! My name is Laurel! I saw her on "What's Life? "and I DIED

75 Mr. Pig
76 Nurse Poundcake

B.P. Dear Diary- wow I sound like a complete cornball. OH WELL

77 Lady Lemongrabs
78 Tonya

Shut up tonya I gotta see my ex wife

79 Embryo Princess
80 Party God
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