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81 Turtle Princess

Turtle Princess is the perfect representation of a nerd: bookworm, socially awkward... So of course she is my SPIRIT ANIMAL.

82 The Farm

I don't know how a monster who shows up for 30-40 seconds is on the list.

83 Charlie

Charlie is epic! I waited and waited for one of you people to put her on but I guess I have to do it my self.

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84 Lollipop Girl

She pretty, and she's taller than her boyfriend

Wow, the worst out of 110. What a loser, seriously.

85 Laurel Princess

I love her! My name is Laurel! I saw her on "What's Life? "and I DIED

86 Mr. Pig
87 Nurse Poundcake

B.P. Dear Diary- wow I sound like a complete cornball. OH WELL

88 Baby Finn

I'm a tough tooting Baby

I'm a tough baby I can dress like a man if your a evil witch I will be slapping you buns lol

Why is this so low on the list?

89 Ice Queen

Ice Queen looks, younger than Ice King. And a lot younger. She's kinda cute too. And she being the Water Nymph and whatsoever (read comics of Adventure time with Fionna and Cake) was so awesome!

I am beyond caring about her past confirmed as being a water nymph. I still want to see her as Simone Petrikov.

90 Lady Lemongrabs
91 Tonya

Shut up tonya I gotta see my ex wife

92 Embryo Princess
93 Party God
94 Dumb Rock V 2 Comments
95 Portal to Lumpy Space Frog
96 Sir Slicer
97 Papa Wolf

And then papa wolfs like we gotta take care of her it's a special child

98 Kim Kil Whan
99 Drop Ball Guy V 2 Comments
100 Susan
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