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101 Orgalorg V 1 Comment
102 Banana Man
103 King Of Ooo

This isn't an evil character but this guy is the new ruler of the Candy Kingdom and defeat Princess Bubblegum on the elections. He is so dumb. I hope Princess Bubblegum is take it back the kingdom. - 05yusuf09

I want princess bubblegum back

V 1 Comment
104 Ash
105 Root Beer Guy

What?! He should so be in the top 10! He came back from the dead and was not evil! That is so cool! And he has an episode named after him and so does his wife Cherry Cream Soda! Root Beer Guy is so cool!

106 Canyon
107 Tiny Manticore V 1 Comment
108 The Empress
109 Hierophant
110 The Fool
111 Bandit Princess
112 Minerva
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