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101 Cosmic Owl

Who can the cosmic owl have no votes yet?

102 Ash
103 Phiona
104 Prince Gumball Prince Gumball

Wow I didn't expect Gumball to be way down here

He's just adorable! So lovable and sweet... PUNS

Prince Gumball is nice, sweet, charming and rational. Plus he bakes a lot, and only real men bake.
It's sad to see Bubblegum's counterpart all the way down here.

He's my favourite! But it's like 50% because of neil.
"I pay attention to things I see you being all about."

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105 Stephanie

I meant that Jessica was making out with Mark behind Ton's back!

Stephanie The Wolf
LSP"Stephanie, Sue, Can You Guys Keep A Secret? ""Okay Melissa Is Making Out With Brad Behing Tony's Back""Do You THink We Should Say Something
Stephanie and Sue While Eating Meat Both walk away totally ignoring anything LSP says.

106 Sue

Must I explain? You all know why

107 Brad
108 Scorcher

Hit in the boing-loins!

109 Baby Finn

I'm a tough tooting Baby

I'm a tough baby I can dress like a man if your a evil witch I will be slapping you buns lol

Why is this so low on the list?

110 Ice Queen

Ice Queen looks, younger than Ice King. And a lot younger. She's kinda cute too. And she being the Water Nymph and whatsoever (read comics of Adventure time with Fionna and Cake) was so awesome!

I am beyond caring about her past confirmed as being a water nymph. I still want to see her as Simone Petrikov.

111 Lollipop Girl

She pretty, and she's taller than her boyfriend

Wow, the worst out of 110. What a loser, seriously.

112 Fear Feaster
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