Adventure Time Episodes That Should Be Made

It Would Be Great If The Adventure Time Creators Will See This and Creates These Episodes Below.

The Top Ten

1 Synchronized Swimming

Princess Bubblegum Convinces Finn, Jake and his friends to try out Sychronized Swimming which is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics

2 Crystallized Bracelet

Finn and Jake set out on a journey to find the Crystallized Bracelet to save candykind from the impending apocalypse that is heading their way. Will they stop it in time?

3 Accept Your Fate

I think this would make a awesome episode

A normal girl Called "Iseabail" gets transported into the land of Ooo and must find out the secrets of the war, unlock her own potential, and discover what her role in this crazy new world is while she tries to learn about the insanity happening around her Finn calls "normal" and fights the evil overtaking her mind

4 Late Night Stroll

Marceline goes for a late night stroll. She comes across a few interesting people along the way, and manages to help some of them out and the next day she and the other people make amazing songs and manages to perform them out.

Of course it's a brilliant idea! The protagonist is the love of my dreams!

5 Immunity Sword

One day,two meteorites crash on earth.but they are not meteorites,one is the immunity sword but one more is an antagonist the came to retrieve the sword to become a powerful deity being! it's up to Finn and Jake to stop him..

Finn Earns an Immunity Sword But The Immunity Sword Is the best Sword a guy could ever have

6 Finn and Fionna's Epic Adventure

One day a mysterious portal appears in the middle of Ooo. Princess Bubblegum sends Finn and Jake to go see what is on the other side of the portal. When Finn and Jake go through the portal they find Fionna and Cake. They go on an epic adventure and attempt to save both of their worlds from an evil force that threatens to destroy theirs homes

This is a bad idea. I personally dislike gender-swapped version. - 05yusuf09

7 Super Amazing Channel

Finn and the gang are watching a documentary and they get bored of watching it so they change the channel end up watching a really hilarious program so Finn thought of creating a program which involves Comedy. When it was released, it become the most popular program on The Land Of Ooo

8 Any Episode Where Finn and Flame Princess Get Back Together

I hate this couple they are overrated than FinnXPB and FinnXMarceline. I hope they aren't gets back together. Finn is definitely gets back with PB together. - 05yusuf09

9 Finn, King Of Ooo

Finn accidentally gets wrapped up in a accident where he proposes to all the Princesses. Now, with everyone clawing at Finn to marry them, Finn finds a another universe inside his fridge

10 Ice King's Wish

Ice King made a wish that caused a large damage to Reality. Because of that one wish, the Land of Ooo will never be the same again. What will Finn, Jake and the other citizens of Ooo do to fix this?

The Contenders

11 Flame Princess Dies


12 The Fire Kingdom

The Fire Kingdom. Finn hasn't stepped foot there for four years. He doesn't remember why. Yet there's something that's waiting for him that even he would never believe.

13 True Love

Finn is begin crush with Princess Bubblegum. - 05yusuf09

14 The House Bird

Finn and Jake finds a House Bird that the tiny little birds lives inside of him

15 Fin and Jake Meets The Pilot Version of Themselves
16 The Evil Giant Parrot
17 Monster Toucan
18 Adventure Time Meets Rick and Morty
19 The Attack on Ice King
20 The Jack in Box Sand Worm
21 3 Baby Spiders Song
22 Adventure Time and Final Fantasy VII Crossover
23 Jake Finds Cloud's Buster Sword
24 Ice Jake Cream

Jake shapeshifts into ice cream and finn licks him

25 Stranded

Finn and Jake get shipwrecked on a desert island

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