Best Adventure Time Season 1 Episodes

Adventure Time is recognized as one of the greatest animated television shows of all time. Relive its best episodes of its wacky, crazy first season on the air.

The Top Ten

1 Trouble in Lumpy Space

Totally agree with number 1.

I love LSP

2 Dungeon

Dungeon is an awesome episode! I love it!

3 Slumber Party Panic

This is a very funny episode with a good plot and nearly all the Candy People are in it. My favourite bit is when the Candy People kill the zombies! It is also the first Adventure Time episode unless you count the animated short. This is an amazing episode and is very funny!

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4 The Enchiridion!
5 Rainy Day Daydream
6 Ocean of Fear
7 My Two Favorite People
8 The Duke
9 His Hero
10 Henchman

The Contenders

11 Ricardio the Heart Guy

Great ep!

12 Evicted
13 Prisoners of Love
14 Tree Trunks

A funny character and very funny episode. A laugh out loud!

15 The Jiggler
16 Business Time
17 Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

It's the highest season 1 episode on the Best Adventure Time Episodes so why is it not on this?!

18 Wizard
19 City of Thieves
20 The Witch's Garden
21 What is Life?
22 When Wedding Bells Thaw
23 Freak City
24 Donny
25 What Have You Done?

How is not in the top 10?!

26 The Gut Grinder


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