Best Adventure Time Season 2 Episodes

Adventure Time built off of a good Season 1 and continued to make advancements in its characters, animation, comedy, and overall storytelling. Season 2 marked the beginning of delving into the show's past and included tons of character development. Here are the best episodes of the show's awesome second season.

The Top Ten Best Adventure Time Season 2 Episodes

1 Mortal Folly

Beware of The Lich!

2 Mortal Recoil
3 It Came From the Nightosphere
4 Death in Bloom
5 Mystery Train
6 Video Makers
7 Guardians of Sunshine
8 Belly of the Beast
9 The Other Tarts
10 Susan Strong

The Contenders

11 The Eyes

I love this episode

12 The Pods
13 Go With Me
14 Loyalty to the King
15 Blood Under the Skin
16 Storytelling
17 Slow Love

This episode is bad.

18 Power Animal
19 Crystals Have Power
20 The Chamber of Frozen Blades
21 To Cut a Woman's Hair

This is so funny.

22 Her Parents
23 The Silent King
24 The Real You
25 The Limit
26 Heat Signature
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