Best Adventure Time Season 5 Episodes

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1 Simon & Marcy

This is my favorite episode.


Second favorite episode right behind I remember you

This is the only good adventure time episode.It reminded me of how if your imagination could spread further.So,ice king and Marceline are friends?

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2 Wizards Only, Fools
3 The Vault

I really enjoyed the vault as it built up the saga that is adventure time in a deep, emotional way.

This episode is really, REALLY good. It's one of the mythology-building episodes, and it expands the history of Ooo and connects it to Finn in a sad, heartwarming, and very profound way.

4 Vault of Bones
5 Earth & Water

Absolutely awesome episode. - 05yusuf09

6 Frost & Fire

This episode is FAKE!

Thierry episode is mail Putin’e rabler b

This epic episode was the beggineng of finn blewing it then too old that episode sucked now soon water and earth frost and fire is ausome
Other cool season 5 adventure time episodes
1frost and fire
2 jake suit
3 simon and marcy

7 Jake Suit
8 Mystery Dungeon

Mystery Dungeon was really amazing. It featured a whole bunch of minor characters, and gave us an opportunity to see them in a new light. They went through a dungeon in a classic adventure time style, fighting monsters and cracking jokes. When Lemongrab ate the dead monster... Or the part when Shelby the worm is to be used as bait for the monster fish, but puts Tree Trunks on the line instead? I laughed out loud.

Seriously! This episode brought adventure time back to it's roots!

9 Sky Witch
10 Jake the Dad

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? Red Starved

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11 One Last Job
12 Be More

Last image with everyone waving will make the ghosts that haunt you cry.

13 Bad Little Boy
14 Finn the Human/Jake the Dog


15 B-Mo Lost
16 The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita
17 Lemonhope Part I & II
18 All the Little People

One of the most meta episodes in the show.

19 The Great Bird Man
20 Candy Streets
21 Too Old
22 Five More Short Graybles
23 Up a Tree
24 Davey
25 All Your Fault
26 Little Dude
27 Root Beer Guy
28 Billy's Bucket List


29 Rattleballs
30 Puhoy
31 Box Prince
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