Top Ten Adventures In Odyssey Characters


The Top Ten

1 John Avery Whitteker

Timeless, and is just very great overall. - moonwolf

He's the main character, so of course he's the best! - JaneMoffat

2 Connie Kendal

I think her grandmother died, not her mother

She is so awesome! And... I feel so terrible about her mother dying, I even cried. :{ - moonwolf

3 Alex Jefferson

If there's anyone I could compare myself to it would be him! - moonwolf

4 Mandy Staussbeurg

She is so awesome, funny, and just has a pretty good story overall. - moonwolf

She's so sweet and kind to everyone, including bullies like Max and Rodney.

5 Eugene Meltsner

He, is the walking dictionary, computer, calculator... - moonwolf

6 Penny Wise

She is a great artist, and is a great character. - moonwolf

7 Wooton Basset

Is one of the most hilarious characters of the show. - moonwolf

Funniest and most random but still innocent and wise


8 Jason Whitteker
9 Katrina Meltsner
10 Buck Oliver

The Contenders

11 Kelly

She, was one of my favorite characters ever! And she still is! She just, is great. - moonwolf

12 Bernard Walton
13 Jared DeWhite

He's hilarious, his spy antics always kept me entertained!

14 Harlow Doyle
15 Regis Blaggard
16 Jack Allen
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