Top Ten Advertisement Expectations vs Reality

You buy something from EBay/Amazons/ etc. but you get something that makes you think you clicked on the wrong link

The Top Ten

1 This will work 100% all the time!? I gotta try this/Aaaaannnnd I wasted my money, and my dignity, and my job... and my life.
2 This product is an all in one/Stop ripping me off you money hungry parasites
3 This website will consist of everything you ever wanted for any website you imagined/Please tell me it's a joke.
4 College. Fun. Experience. Enjoy/I want to call my mum and cry.
5 Funniest show in the world, it will make your insides mush up with laughter/I think it might be an educational show, except the only thing I've learnt from this is that my day just sucked

I think this is very true about 9 in 10 T.V. shows people advertise on commercials. - Turkeyasylum

6 Virtual reality like you've never had before/I'm just taking an eye test, I don't feel like I'm in a Michael Bay movie
7 221 degrees drop and a speed off a jet, this ride is a wind in the face/Hmmm... Was it just a demo of it?
8 A meeting that's going to help me out with my life?/Wow, I can't believe how bad I was in the past and now I hate myself even more!
9 Oh my god, I'm going to date the hottest Russian girl ever!/Uuuuhhhhh, are you actually a female or is this going to Jimmy Kimmel as a prank video?

I think that about all ads of this form. Don't lose your dignity. - PositronWildhawk

10 This burger is so huge!/Is there more to this or did it just shrink?

The Contenders

11 To win a trip to the Bahamas, just answer this mega-easy question!/Damn, my wallet's empty now
12 Borrow money and we'll save the day!/They'll ruin the next month.
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