Top Ten Types of Advertisements that Should Have Never Been Made

Nightmare Fuel

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The Top Ten

1 Knee Brace Commercial

Ignore that it says types - Pokemonfan10

2 We Would Like To Play
3 Super Smash Bros. 64 Commercial

Reminds me of Teletubbies. - Pokemonfan10

4 Mario Smash Amiibo Kid
5 Modern Nickelodeon Commercials

Nickelodeon used to be good, but now (along with many other channels these days), they’re stupid and promoting kids to brainwash their minds and expose them to mean spirited humor along with toilet humor and boredom.
They got rid of many of the good shows and replaced them with garbage.

The commercials too are awful nowadays and some include toys that put kids at risk of injuries and deaths (yet they once promoted moon shoes, which caused numerous injuries and are now recalled). - Gregory

6 Car Commercial

*hears whistle* Do I hear boss music? - Cohaki

7 Scary Monster Commercial

I do not exactly remember what it was.

It was a Youtube Ad. It was a dark room, with something that looked like a pillar?
After a few seconds, Some sort of mutant spider creature jump-scared me and I skipped the ad. I have neither seen it again, nor have a link for it. - Pokemonfan10

8 Tire Commercial

Why does it exist? - Pokemonfan10

9 McDonalds Japanese Commercial
10 Kool-Aid Ads

In some the Kool-Aid Man breaks into a poor kid's house. - Pokemonfan10

The Contenders

11 Fushigi Ball Commercial

In 2010, Zoom TV Products advertised fushigi balls as “magic gravity balls”, and required “no tricks”, yet would appear to “float in mid air”, and could be mastered “in minutes”.

However in reality, they didn’t do any of that and many customers complained about how deceiving the advertisements were.

Yet the balls came with defects and were eventually reported they were made by means of a special design rather than the way they were used.

They did not meet those criteria and after complaints and accusations to Zoom TV Products for exploiting contact juggling for falsely advertised and marketed products, they stopped being made. - Gregory

12 Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids Commercial

It promoted the Cabbage Patch snacktime kids dolls, which ate anything it’s mouth came with, leading to injuries on children.
After complaints about the dangers, they were finally called off. - Gregory

13 Sky Dancer Commercials

Sky Dancers were meant to be real life concepts of fairies children can have fun with, but unfortunately they flew haphazardly, landing on property and people, causing injuries such as blindness, lacerations, minor concussions, and even broken ribs.
After such incidents, they were recalled. - Gregory

14 Moon Shoe Commercials

They promoted Moon shoes, which were “mini trampolines” for the feet, which meant broken ankles and legs were inevitable, leading to a recall. - Gregory

15 Aqua Dots Commercial

Aqua dots were meant to be a fun way to connect little dots into artwork, but the liquids that helped the dots stick together metabolized into gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) when swallowed, which is a date rape drug, causing children to fall into comas requiring hospitalization for treatment.
Children were at such risk and they were rebranded into pixos. - Gregory

16 Colossal Water Ball Commercial

Brands such as Monster Science and Super Star Science involves little marbles that would expand 200 to 400x their original size when fully absorbed with water.

But some children swallowed them thinking they were candy and when they expanded inside their bodies, they experienced severe life-threatening dehydration and vomiting.
Yet they couldn’t be detected by x-rays and had to be surgically removed. - Gregory

17 Yo-Yo Water Ball Commercial

Yo-yo water balls looked fun, but they were made of flammable diesel hydrocarbons and there were 410 reported cases of injuries by these toys.
294 of them though were from suffocation/strangulation.

After numerous reports along with complaints, they were finally called off and removed from the shelves. - Gregory

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