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81 Trip Hoppin'

Number 5 I believe off of Just Push Play, such a good song. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and am shocked its not already on this list!

82 Write Me a Letter
83 Remember (Walking in the Sand)
84 Sight for Sore Eyes
85 Another Last Goodbye

Great piano and amazing vocals. Great new song for a great new album

86 Young Lust V 1 Comment
87 Lizard Love

This should be re-released in 2015 and put on their next album because this song ROCKS!


88 Blind Man

Another unreleased track and another favorite of mine. Aerosmith rocks!

89 Round and Round V 1 Comment
90 Home Tonight V 2 Comments
91 I Wanna Know Why

This song is kind of jazzy, a very rich sound. A bit like Queens "Now I'm here".

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92 Milk Cow Blues

BEST BOOGIE OF ALL TIME! They did this live with Ted Nugent at the 1978 Texas Jam and really cooked! My #1

93 Get the Lead Out
94 Spaced
95 Critical Mass
96 Flesh
97 Deuces are Wild

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you don't like this song, you are wrong!

Best aerosmith song ever

I love this song because it is a ballad with a kick-ass chorus!
Don't know why it isn't in the top 10 though...

98 Nobody's Fault

The best track from their best album (Rocks). This song was so influential among then-budding rock musicians like Slash and James Hetfield that it's a crime to have this place at number 34.

One of my personal Aerosmiths best. The rocking style of Aerosmith is represented in this amazing song. Too bad we don't make songs like this anymore.

Ahhh, OK went to my first Aerosmith show in 1977. As Steve would say "do you like the old sh#t or the new sh#t," I like both however, partial to the rocking' sh#t! If you're a semi new fan dig deep, One Way Street, Crash, Rats in the Cellar, SOS, Street Jesus, Round and Round, Trip Hoppin', Milk Cow Blues, Line Up, Cheese Cake, Monkey on My Back, Hangman Jury, Baby Please Don't Go and Mother Popcorn. Aerosmith was not a pop band, they just made the first commercially successful power ballad and continued to try and duplicate that on each release after that. I don't blame them for that but their other sh#t is better...

This and dream on are their best.. listen to the riff on this song.. it will stick in your head for days!

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99 You Gotta Move

It's a nice one. I like it. - alppa

As featured in the nicalodean movie BARNYARD - acdctntinblack

100 Bright Light Fright

This song doesn't really sound like Aerosmith, but still it's not too bad.

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