Top 10 Best Aetherian Songs

Aetherian is a pretty good, no amazing, melodic death metal band in my opinion. I've said all that I must in other places like reviews and remixes so just read those to find out my thoughts. I'm saving the detailed stuff for a future album review so sorry but this won't be HQ, medium quality at most. Just trying to give melodeth's next big thing a head start.

The Top Ten

1 The Rain

Emotional solos. Great riffs. Amazing lyrics. - Skullkid755

2 As Seasons Pass

Like the slowed down acoustic section. The lyrics are great to. And I like the riff as well. - Skullkid755

3 Seeds of Deception

It got me so hyped for their first full length album. It's called The Untamed Wilderness. - Skullkid755

4 Dark Earth

In my opinion it has the best chorus out of all songs from the band. - Skullkid755

5 Whispers in the Wind

Not as heavy as the prior songs on this list. It's more calm. But I like, it gets you ready for the rest of the songs from their EP Tales of Our Times. - Skullkid755

6 Black Sails

Love the intro, very calm. And the heaviness of the rest of the song is great too. - Skullkid755

Black sails on 6? Dude non of the TOOT songs can beat the epicness of the song

It took me 112 days but now I've finally promoted the band with this list and have proof. - Skullkid755

7 Shade of the Sun

Also got me hyped for the Untamed Wilderness. - Skullkid755

8 For Those About to Fall

Love the lyrics and the riff is awesome. - Skullkid755

9 The Path

The intro riff is great. Kind of scary. Then it gets faster and becomes brutal power metal. - Skullkid755

10 Tales of Our Times

Great intro and riffs. Like all of the sections of the song (intro, slow heavy, fast heavy) - Skullkid755

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