Top Ten Affiliates Programs Waiting to Happen

In this difficult economic time, our fifty analysts have found that there are unbelievable business opportunities just waiting to happen, but, for one reason or another, people have talked themselves out of actually pulling the trigger. In the case of Linda Christas (#2 on our list), for example, even though their field representatives are earning outsized incomes, no one has understood or cared to take student recruitment to the net. In other words, people sell toothpaste and make pennies each month, but are leaving, in our opinion, the big dollars on the table. Some genius is going to realize this at some point, and, five years from today, we are all going to wake up and say to ourselves, just as we did with Google, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT. It just takes smarts and the courage to approach the market. None of these suggested Affiliate Programs cost anything but ambition to start.

The Top Ten Affiliates Programs Waiting to Happen

1 Online College Student Recruitment Affiliate Program

As we mentioned in the intro as a good example, local Independent Ambassadors for Linda Christas College recruit hundreds of students every year for the school, and average handsome livings doing so. However, the College has not found anyone willing or, evidently, able to bring this recruitment effort to the net, which is ironic, since this top ten online College is internet based. It is said that if you give a talented business person a good service or product to introduce into the marketplace, that's all they need. Well, evidently not. This opportunity is just sitting there with outsized paychecks going to field salespeople, and nothing to net recruiters, since no one has evidently sufficient confidence in themselves to give it a go. Affiliates seem to have more faith selling gambling software, and outdated SEO software than a live, fully staffed, quality educational institution with a guaranteed lifetime employment service for its graduates. It's a mystery. Traditional colleges ...more - Sally

Great idea. How would one start an affiliate program like this?

2 Management Consulting Affiliate Program
3 Dental Services Affiliate Programs

All sorts of reference services for dental services rely on old school methods. But, again, no one is putting the pieces together. This is another sleeper just sitting there while every Affiliate wants to sell outdated software or "can't miss" gambling programs. - Sally

4 Legal Services Affiliate Programs

With over 1 million lawyers in the US alone, one lawyer for every 200 citizens, attorneys are desperate and are willing to sign up for affiliate representation. But, no soap. Affiliate programs want to sell things that have nothing to do with the heart of the economy (like soap). Therefore, again, nothing doing. No one makes a living doing affiliates because no one dares to step out and be different. - Sally

5 Stereo Equipment Affiliate Programs

We get lots of people opening stores, but very few, if any, understanding how to use the internet to sell this sort of equipment. As stores starve, they aren't making the leap to Affiliate relationships. - Sally

6 Pet Affiliate Programs

A crying need for affiliates willing to put animals together with people with big hearts. The time will come when this is done routinely for a fee. - Sally

7 Local Organic Produce Affiliates

Putting together a cadre of local farmers and offering their products to the marketplace is an opportunity smoldering without current takers. Again, one day, people are going to wake up and see how they could have made a handsome living doing this. - Sally

8 Financial Planning Affiliates

Financial planners are abundant, but they have to provide their own outreach programs. An affiliate program offered to this group of professionals would be gobbled up for big returns. However, no one seems to want to give it a try. One day, again folks will wake up and find that they have missed a great thing. There isn't a Financial Planner alive who wouldn't reward an Affiliate manager (after the sale) for the references. - Sally

9 Senior Dating Site Affiliates
10 Sports Team Memorabilia Affiliates

An up and coming collectible marketplace, but few programs designed specifically to put folks in touch with the exact kinds of memorabilia they want. The field is in chaos only because an intelligent affiliate manager has not been courageous enough to organize an enterprise sufficient to capture the field. - Sally

The Contenders

11 Glass Art Affiliates

Lots of opportunity in this red hot field. It is actually hard for persons to find the best talent in this field. We saw one article about them on ToysPeriod. It was titled "Beyond Toy Marbles. " However ToysPeriod doesn't sell these products, and very few, if any, do. This is an Affiliates Program just waiting to happen. - Sally

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