Top 10 Best Against the Current Songs from Their "Infinity" and "Gravity" Eps

Before their debut album 'In Our Bones', Against the Current had two EPs with several songs on them. 'Infinity' and 'Gravity'. As there's only a few songs on each I thought I'd bunch the two EPs together in one list.

Give them both a listen. You won't regret it.

The Top Ten

1 Gravity

This would pretty much be the song to go on and become their most well known single. Chrissy's voice is simply outstanding here, the tune just makes you feel happy and bouncy, and they nearly always play it live. - SuperSonic17

2 Paralyzed

Probably one of the songs to have the more memorable guitar work, going for a very nice funk groove to it. The lyrics are also very relateable. - SuperSonic17

3 Infinity

The first song off the first EP is certainly a good one to get you introduced to the band's sound. For someday Against the Current will indeed find Infinity. - SuperSonic17

4 Talk

One of the catchiest songs they've ever released. A real banger of a tune, complimented by a music video with a very seductive Chrissy Costanza. - SuperSonic17

5 Brighter

The original version of 'Brighter' before it's re-release on 'In Our Bones'. Whilst I may prefer the more refined sound of the re-release this is still a very nice and very soothing song. - SuperSonic17

6 Closer, Faster

Definitely a more poppy sounding song, but I still really like it's happy feeling to it. Just a fun little love song. - SuperSonic17

7 Fireproof

Another song that features very funky guitar work to it. The tune kinda reminds me of a song they would later release called 'Blood Like Gasoline' (kinda ironic considering this song is called 'Fireproof'). This tune's still a banger though. - SuperSonic17

8 Something You Need

I'd say of all the songs from 'Infinity' this one probably has the best use of guitar. - SuperSonic17

9 Dreaming Alone

Probably the most soothing sounding song that Against the Current have put out, this song also features guest vocals from Taka of ONE OK ROCK. - SuperSonic17

10 Another You (Another Way)

Another song that leans more on the pop side of their pop-rock sound. Is a pretty decent song, Chrissy's vocals are as good as always. - SuperSonic17

The Contenders

11 Comeback Kid

This song is OK, just not one of my personal favourites from the EP. - SuperSonic17

12 The Beginning

A cover of a ONE OK ROCK song. Was a bonus track for Japan. - SuperSonic17

13 Roses
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