Top Ten Agatha Christie Poirot Novels

The Top Ten

1 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd


2 Murder on the Orient Express

Certainly the most famous. - PetSounds

Amazing plot and is better than the movie and makes you try and find the murdered with hercule pirot

3 The ABC Murders

My absolute favourite novel in this fine series.

4 Hercule Poirot's Christmas

Most enjoyable Christie I've ever read!

The best one of the unknown Christie’s books

5 Dumb Witness
6 Death on the Nile

This novel is absolutely terrible. It's a complete re-hash of Murder On The Orient Express. There is over 100 pages of silly melodrama nonsense (the majority of which doesn't matter), clues that are far too obvious and a mystery that can be solved before the murder even takes place. - MrKite

7 Evil Under the Sun
8 Murder in the Mews
9 Five Little Pigs

Breathtaking. The logicality of the ending hit me like a boulder. At the same time, it strengthened the first impression I had had about who the perpetrator could be on the introduction of the characters

Moving story - love christie but usually for the mindplay. This one haunts you a bit.

10 One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

The Contenders

11 Appointment With Death
12 And Then There Were None

This is a great book but it's not a Poirot novel. It shouldn't even be on this list.

I'm surprised no one mention this book. It's been regarded as one of Christie's masterpiece. One by one dies...who's the murderer? You really can't guess it.

13 Peril at End House

This is the most shocking reveal written by Christie that I've ever come across. It's so clever that you can type 'Peril At End House' villain into Google, get results, and still not guess who it is.

It's very clever. And significantly better than Death On The Nile. - MrKite

14 Murder in Mesopotamia
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