Best Ages to Get Pregnant


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1 25

That's when the brain finally stops developing. - Aragorn98

My mom was 25 when she got pregnant with me. - PrincessKiana

I think 70 is a good age

That's how old my mom was when she got pregnant with me... my dad was 33, which is 8 years older then her... - Lucretia

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2 30

This list is not stupid! Maybe you can learn something. I think that 30 ranked on number one is correct. After that you can get difficulties. I would say between 26 and 30 is the best age to get pregnant. Before 25 you will lose a lot of your youth freedom and after 30 you will be to old ( you will be 60 when your child is 30 ).

At least I don't have to get pregnant! Woohoo! - Therandom

I'm with a random! Yea! Non pregnancy partners - Nateawesomeness

This list is stupid

3 27
4 29
5 32
6 21

Still to young... don't you want to go to college or something - Lucretia

7 31
8 24
9 16

This is an awful age to get pregnant! You're still WAY TOO YOUNG (you're not even an adult yet), and you'll only be 20 when your child is 4 and maybe a 32-year-old grandma if you're child has kids when he/she is sixteen. Plus, you might not be mature enough or able to handle a baby at that age. I wouldn't know, I'm too young to get married or get pregnant. I think that 25 is probably the best age to get pregnant.

I'm a proud 12 year old mom

Who wrote this? If you get pregnant at this age you have just thrown away your chidhood. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I TF what what - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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10 35

That's when my mom was with me! - Mariomaster63

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11 33
12 18
13 20

That's a bit young - Lucretia

14 28
15 26
16 23
17 10
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