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1 18

18 is the best age is my opinion. Your awkward, moody teen years are over, you can now do whatever in the world you want (except for drinking), you get to graduate high school, go to college,get a job you wanted for years, and start a family. You can have freedom, and you are now a citizen on Earth.

Excellent, Elegant, Epic, age Eighteen! Adulthood is finally here! Time for high school graduation and college! You are counted as an official citizen on earth!

I remember when I turned 18 in 2017 that was exciting to turn 18

Not much freedom for us Cartoon Community.

2 13

The absolute moment you realize the world hates you, so you hate it. You watch X rated movies about Eminem vs. Hitler, listen to Katey Perry or Slipknot and you move away from Misha and Psy. God, you gotta love the year where you lose faith in humanity. God, I know it's fun! Boy, oh boy!

What a spectacular way to begin teenage hood! And the definition of "teenager" is a kid developing to a man! What? But look out for them pubescent mood swings. Age 13 is usually when they develop.

I respect your opinion on your "Pimples everywhere" comment. A lot of people are going through puberty at this age and when you eat sugar your face turns into (well I should say about as scary as the BND face).

Why is this number 2? This is the worst year of my life so far, everybody hates me, everyone is dying, and I am getting bullied so much.

3 0

Aaah the days when I was the center of attention. Everyone loved having the baby around. the days when you didn't have to wait on all your siblings to get their butts out of the bathroom. I could just let it out whenever I felt like it. the days when I could scream and cry and throw tantrums and nobody would care. so imagine my jealousy at age 5 when my sister was born. I'm 11 now and I HATE IT. Now that I started puberty I just can't

I remember sixteen years ago like it was yesterday. That hospital was nice. I remember that blanket the strange nurse wrapped me in. And this strange person next to me who was smiling but looked very tired.

I can't remember this far back but I can vaguely remember when I was 2 and I lived in a school bus turned camper. Also I recall going to this church with my neighbor when I was close to 3.

I remember 2004 like it was yesterday! I came home from the hospital in St. Cloud! I came to my dad and my older sister! It was great! Even though I don't remember anything at all!

4 21

You finally get to drink after all these years! No more holding back, just getting drunk! Then the next morning, there's suddenly a tiger appears in your bathroom when you have to pee! Wow, hard life.

Why does everyone want to get drunk!? Do they all want to die early or something?

I've always wanted to be 21 forever! It's also my lucky number

If you are 21 years old then go to university

5 16

Well, this obviously varies a lot for everybody, because different things happen in different years for different people, but I think that's one of the good things about this list. Jake09 did a good job making this list.
My vote goes to 16, because it is honestly the age at which I learnt the most so far in my life, and worked the most things out, like things that I want to do and facts of life and expectations. That happens for a lot of people at 16, because it's as you first properly start to become an adult, and after a load of the hormones. 16 is a very important year. It is also the year when many people do exams and coursework at school.

Age six--teen! That age is awesome! You can be trusted more with rated R movies, you can be home alone for longer than a week, and to raise the excitement of being sixteen, YOU FINALLY GET TO DRIVE! Yes! Life can't get much better than this!

To be quite honest with you 16 for me was the best age. Junior year in high school for me was the funnest year you don't have to go through responsibility yet you get to enjoy being a kid I mean come on 16 is when you're Getting to Know Yourself 16 forever hell yeah

I turned sixteen in 2015 and still haven't learned how to drive yet since.

6 5

Age 5 is excellent! It's like, amazing! Making new friends, using words in sentences all the time, kindergarten. What more could a 5 year old ask for?

Yea, 5 was good. No responsibilities, and you just get to play all day, even in school!

Disney's Hercules came out when I was 5. I didn't see it until I was 12, though.

I remember age 5, I started kindergarten at age 5

7 15

Three years left until adulthood and counting! Age fifteen is one of the most tubular years of teenage life! Where the chicks hook up with the dudes and the dudes hook up with the chicks, you can take drivers ed, high school, and many more!

I'm going to be 15 next week and I'm so exited

Todays my fifteenth birthday.

You're not too young but not too old either. You've gone through puberty, are making new friends, start your sophomore year of high school, are learning how to drive. But at this age range you are most likely for an STD. So be careful! Oh. And it also happens to be my age.

8 22
9 20

You are a adult and not to old ether... I am not 20 but if there is a age I would chose to be forever its 20 (might change mind...)

The age I am now until june 2020

10 14

All right, age 14! Give me the puberty! Give me the growth! The maturity! Age fourteen is a great place to be! And guess what? This is usually the age where guys grow beards! I'd look pretty wicked with a beard on!

Girls are done with the awkard phase and strat to go through a glow up starting from 14

I'm 14 it's awesome. Just came out Bisexual this Year.

Growing the natural well trimmed mustache.

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11 19

The last teenage age in your life. You are an adult person for 2nd consecutive year, but you are still a teenager. Being 18-19 is little weird time in life, cause people demand from you to behave like an adult and to be serious but at the same time you are still a teenager. I chose this age as I am right now 19 years old (till 14th december of 2020). I definitely can not live my life to the fullest during my last teenage year (Covid-19, quarantine, lots of studying and work in college, racial war in USA)... Where did go this American Dream? I don't know. It's ironic how Covid-19 coincided with Mariah Carey's 19th #1 on Billboard Hot 100 and my 19th birthday in december of 2019. I don't know what I'm supposed to tell my children in future about my 19th year of life

I don't know how to feel about this age...

Legal drinking age here in Canada.

Turning that on may 30th

12 10

This was amazing year. I was a carefree 4th grader who did fun things all the time. I discovered interesting facts, made friends, and had the BEST teacher ever! I didn't even get homework, because my teacher said it didn't help kids and just made them hate school. It was great.

It was a great year, but for my body, just ew. I started puberty way earlier than I should have, and it was distressing. And I think I'm possibly done.

Why is it #15 this is my age and I am currently having the worst year of my life

, yes! Age ten is bae! Double digits baby! Whoo! Also at this age, for at least 10 hours, you can be... wait for it... Home alone! And puberty is at its infancy at this age and it will eventually grow stronger. You go puberty!

13 12

I'm twelve, and so far, it's been pretty awesome. The only bad thing is that I have a lot of homework. But I still have lots of friends, a pretty nice teacher, and I do some cool stuff.

The awesome and radical age number twelve! Puberty becomes more obvious, you are old enough to be home alone for a whole day, and maybe even dating! Twelve is such a magical age! And so begins the last third of childhood, too! Oh yeah!

The age where haircut places count you as an adult. That's pretty sweet!

Hi! I'm 12, but I miss being 11 because I miss all of my friends from 5th grade.

14 9

The halfway mark of childhood is a great halfway mark! Age nine is the start of your path of thinking of what your future job will be. Maturity is even more inevitable at the age. What's not to love about age nine?

I remember age 9 I was mostly age 9 in grade 4, I was grade 3 when I first turned 9

It was pretty cool. I started fourth grade with my amazing teacher.

I loved being 9, that was 6 years ago

15 8

Pretty fun. I was in second grade. I did some fun things this year with my family, started exploring my creativity more, and made one new friend. Only bad part was that my teacher wouldn't let us have parties because we were "too old" even though even older kids, like 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, had them.

You become more mature at this age and usually your parents will give you more responsibility, also you make more genuine friendships. Most of the friends I had and made when I was 8, are still friends with me to this day.

Quite an unforgettable age! This age is pretty much when you would see yourself as a big kid instead of a little kid. Maturity is inevitable at this age, yes it is!

It feels like you're Abigail kid and I just feel like in my childhood it was a good age

16 17

Everyone loves to be seventeen! An age where you are done with puberty and you sound like an adult! You can actually watch rated R movies unsupervised at this age! Adulthood is very close! T minus one year, and counting!

Seventeen gives you a lot of opportunities. (I'm not seventeen yet, though) Seventeen is also my lucky number.

Quite a lot happens after 17. It's the age for R-rated films, and the age when you feel like an adult instead.

No more playing racing games, now you don't have time for it because you can play Call Of Duty!

17 1

Again, just watching cartoons and lying on the couch all day. You can also take a nap whenever you wanted to.

Age 1 is awesome! This is where you learn about certain sounds and sights in the world.

Nothing to do but play! No homework and NO responsibilities!

John Cena is the number 1. I love John Cena

18 26

This is my age and while it's great my mom is now calling me old :(

19 35
20 25

I think this is the best age because you are old enough to do anything and be independent. Yet you're still young enough to be relatively healthy and fit. Most people might choose 21 but even then you're sometimes still regarded as naive or inexperienced since its your first year being able to drink.

21 23

I went to Vegas. My first visit was when I was 2 but at 23 I am now allowed to be in the casinos and sit at the slot machines.

22 38
23 11

11 was cool! I was in 5th grade this year (well, also the beginning of 6th grade) with a SUPER AWESOME teacher. (the only bad thing is that he gave out lots of homework). I also had lots of friend and did fun things. One bad part of being 11 is that I had a lot of fights with one of my friends. But it's a great year!

Age eleven is awesome! Totally rocking' the middle school age with your buds! This is the epitome of growth in maturity and attitude! #Puberty

11 was the age I went to Grade 6 and Switch to English and it was all around a grate year

An age where you are usually around a Super Minecraft Kid fanbase.

24 61
25 100

That reminds me of the story of this woman who was ran over a truck when walking on the road for some reason to her one hundredth birthday. May she rest in peace, and she should've been proud for living that long.

That's like the worst age to live you lived for a long time I hope in the feature we could stop aging and death.

So, You're 100 years old before you died by random?

I just have to wait another 87 years

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