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Age seven? I think you mean age heaven! This age is amazing! Despite the fact that age 7 is the moment in life where you start getting crappy homework from school, everything else is spot on! This is also pretty much the age where you can watch PG movies unsupervised!

I am that age

7 is an amazing age!
You have no real woories in the world- besides getting lines at school (they used to terrify me).
You are also young enough to play, and not to step on the lines in the pavement.
I loved being 7, if I could be 7 again, I sure would! - TheFrozenSnowflake

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It's a likable age :-) - Ananya

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The age you'd be scared to reach...and eager to turn 28 ASAP! - Ananya

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Nothing to do but play! No homework and NO responsibilities! - funnyuser

You don't know what I'm talking about - Jake09

Age 1 is awesome! This is where you learn about certain sounds and sights in the world.

No school

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Age 4 rocks and rules! This age is not just a huge development age, but it's when... school starts! Dun dun dun! But hey, what could go wrong with the first years of school?

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Where's the nostalgia? You can find most of it at age 2! Teething, learning colors and shapes, walking correctly. That is definitely a great year of life!

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Aw, age 3. Such a great time in life. Also, 3 is the magic number when it comes to development and learning in the first years of life. For physical learning you've got, eating hard foods, talking, and putting together puzzles. For educational learning you've got, letters, numbers, words, counting, and reading. Good times...

Easiest age to be ever. - Lucretia

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Your life will get fixed by the age number six! Here are the three S's for this age, six, swag, and success! You are kinda developing a personality, a foreshadow of what you might become! The second third of your childhood has begun!

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I am disliking this comment because this is making fun of death.

Great Grand Frick found dead at age 99. (August 9, 1916 to August 8, 2016) No! He was so close to being 100! ='( R.I.P. GreatGrandFrick

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