Top 10 Most Aggressive Bullet for My Valentine Songs

Bullet For My Valentine great Metalcore - Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal band. They making aggressive scream and brutal songs. This list shows us top 10 most aggressive Bullet For My Valentine songs.

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1 Waking the Demon

Most of most aggressive Bullet song. Screams are great. Drums and guitars great. Back bass guitarist vocal great. Perfect solo. And perfect outro - Nimbusman

Best and Heaviest Bullet For My Valentine song.

Waking the demon is the 'hardest' song of bullet for my valentine and also the lyrics are very aggressive.

2 Begging for Mercy

Song from Bullet For My Valentine's heavy Metal album Fever. Brutal vocals are insanity great. Drums are perfect. Solo is awesome. Perfect song and second most aggressive song for this band - Nimbusman

Heavy riffs, heavy breakdowns, and heavy vocals this should be number 1 for sure!

Vocals are bloody aggressive. Lyrics are brutal. No doubt it's the most aggressive song by the band.

I think in therms of agression you can't beat this one. And the solo is just insane

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3 Room 409

Song from first studio album The Poison. Jason's and Matt's vocals are powerful and they can scream perfectly. Guitars and drums also hard. - Nimbusman

4 Scream Aim Fire

This song from album same of this track Scream Aim Fire. Brutal vocals are very aggressive. Drums are too fast and hard. Very hard and fast solo. Perfect and aggressive song - Nimbusman

5 Tears Don't Fall

Probably one of the most aggressive Bullet For My Valentine songs along with Your Betrayal. - 05yusuf09

The aggressive sounds start at the intro. After "lets go! " the song continues aggressive. Song has a beatiful screams and solo. Outro is perfect and aggressive. Riffs are hard and Moose play drums like a monster. - Nimbusman

6 Ashes of the Innocent

Ashes of the Innocent, a song from Scream Aim Fire Deluxe Version. Song is heavy. Screams are great.

7 4 Words (To Choke Upon)

Very aggressive song from The Poison. And has a fast and hard solo. Great scream vocals. Drums are crazy. Jason - Matt screaming together this song. - Nimbusman

8 Hand of Blood

I heard this song firstly in NFSMW. Very aggressive vocals and riffs. Solo is amazing. When this song started, I can't hold on to make headbang crazy. Very aggressive metal song. And my favourite song - Nimbusman

9 Fever

Awesome lyrics and vocals. I like this style. Fever is perfect song and aggresive. - Nimbusman

10 No Way Out

The song from new album Venom.

This song reminds me bands old years. Like Poison and SAF. Screams and instrumentals too fimiliar to old materials. Need to 5th on this list. - Nimbusman

"No way oUT" lmfao

Amazing song

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? Army of Noise

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11 Your Betrayal

This song is heavy metal song. And very hard. Drums of intro perfect. Riffs are very aggressive. And vocals are hard and heavy - Nimbusman

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12 Her Voice Resides

So cool song... Love it More

13 End of Days
14 No Control

When Matt and Padge both scream at the same time near the end is what makes this a personal favorite

15 My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars
16 Last to Know
17 You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)
18 Disappear

"Now all those acts repaid, Your turn to be afraid! "
Song from second Bullet For My Valentine studio album Scream Aim Fire. Starts with drums and guitars. Very aggressive. Jason's back screams are perfect. And solo is amazing - Nimbusman

19 Temper Temper

Name says it all.

20 Raising Hell
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1. Begging for Mercy
2. Waking the Demon
3. Ashes of the Innocent
1. Begging for Mercy
2. Room 409
3. Waking the Demon



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