Most Aggressive Songs from Linkin Park's Living Things and a Thousand Suns

These Two Are Linkin Park's Soft Albums. Although Living Things Is Pretty Aggressive A Thousand Suns Is Not Too Aggressive. Minutes To Midnight is softer than Living Things But There are 2-3 Screamo Songs so I didn't include MTM.

The Top Ten

1 Victimized

I just have to say..."2-3 Screamo Songs"? Really? Don't use that label. It's not screamo, it's songs with unclean vocals in them.
Screamo is emo music driven by unclean vocals.

This is one of the most aggressive songs of LP. - Paree

2 Blackout

Most Aggressive From ATS. - Paree

3 Lost In the Echo

It Has Some Hardcore Screams - Paree

4 Lies Greed Misery

This One Is Aggressive Too - Paree

5 Wretches and Kings

The Tone Of This Is Aggressive - Paree

6 Burn It Down

Not Aggressive but energetic Chorus. And Aggressive toned Raps. - Paree

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7 The Catalyst

Has Some Rough Vocals. Not Aggressive but more aggressive compared to other ATS songs and LT songs Left - Paree

8 In My Remains

Again Not Aggressive but Rough Instrumental Intro. Strong Chorus Too - Paree

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9 When They Come for Me

I don't think this song is aggressive but mike use strong words in this songs that is why this is high on the list(I guess)

I don't think this song is aggressive but mike use strong words in this song(just like Bleed it out from Minutes to midnight) that is why this song is high on the list(I guess)

10 I'll Be Gone UListen to Sample

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11 Until It Breaks UListen to Sample
12 Powerless UListen to Sample
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