Top Ten Aggressive Sports in the World

This list shows the most aggressive sports among the world sports

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1 Mixed Martial Arts

"Not that aggressive? " Yeah. Okay. Step into the octagon with somebody like Faber or Liddell and see if you still think so.

Not that aggressive. Learned this awhile back - Mewtwo_

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2 Free Style Wrestling

Free style wrestling practise all over the world. It is also contested in Olympics.The ultimate goal of this game is to throw and pin your opponent to the mat which results in immediate is a stand up wrestling which is a combo of traditional wrestling, judo,samba technique. In freestyle wrestling grappling and almost all holds and technique. This sport will more will be aggressive as it allows any type of attacking technique. - haripotter

3 Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art which is now award famous martial art. It is a full contact and medium contact game, it has striking and kicking. And this game doesn't allow hitting in the neck and legs. This martial art is a combo of judo, kunfu, mauy Thai and some more. The competion involves starring, breaking, patterns and self defense. It is also included in Olympics since 2000. - haripotter

4 Ninjitsu

It is a no competitive combat sport. It is a Japanese martial art which is an unconditional warfare. According to bunjikan members this martial arts rules were first written in strolls which were then become defintive to all ninjitsu. It says that a ninja should be known the eighteen skills like bajutsu(horsemanship) and boasts ( stick and staff). Ninja is mostly a weaponized sport, which uses weapons like katana sword, shuriken and bohiya. - haripotter

5 Karate

It is a full, semi and light contact martial art. It mostly have striking attacks. Country of origin for karate is considered as ryukyu island of Japan. It is predominantly a striking art which involves striking, kicking, knees strikes, and elbow strikes and some open hand technique like knife hands, spear hands and plam heals techniques. - haripotter

6 Kunfu

Kunfu is Chinese martial art. Most of think the kunfu means a martial art but the real meaning of kunfu is "to study or practise or learn". History says that it was first thought by an Indian monk called"Buddha" in 495ad and then by another monk from south India called"bodhidarma" in 545. Then it was followed by many kingdom,now it has become parent for many new martial arts. It consists of many skills which classified as basic skills like flexibility, balance and stamina, power skills like meditation and soft and hard exercises an d combat skills with barehanded and weapon. It Includes all the moves and all the weapons we know. - haripotter

7 Kick Boxing

Kickboxing is one of the hybrid martial art formed from the various elements of martial arts like mauy Thai and karate. Players are allowed to punch, kick and even below the waist except for groin and knees. It was practice for self defense, general fitness and contact sport. Click fighting, throws, sweeps and sybmissions are allowed so winning with out bloodloss is rare. - haripotter

8 Rugby

Rugby is a type of football developed at rugby school at rugby. It is team sport consists of 13 Players. It is a ball based game that the ball has to be thrown from the touchline and it has to be placed at the parallel lines of their side. The players are allowed to push, pull and hit by shoulders. Even they can grab the opponent legs when they are touching the ground. Due to the team spirit the games react very aggressive to win the match. - haripotter

9 Wingchun

Wing chun is Chinese martial art which is mainly concentrated on striking and trapping. Grand master of martial arts bruse lee was a wing chun practise. Balance, structure and stance are considered as important for winning. Wing chun replies heavily on elbow strikes. Common target for elbow include face head, chin and chest. Whole body is used for maximum impact. - haripotter

10 Kabaddi

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11 Jujutsu

Jiu-jitsu is Japanese martial art which emerged from various martial elements of Japan. It is practised to defeat an armed opponent with no arms or small weapons. As defeating the opponent with weapons are considered in effective. It is mainly focused on grappling and using the opponent energy against him. Judo is descentant art of this sport. - haripotter

12 Lacrosse Lacrosse Lacrosse is a contact team sport played between two teams using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick. V 1 Comment
13 Boxing
14 Judo

Using techniques and practiced by aggression

15 Soccer Soccer Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. The goal is to score the ball on the other team's goal.

Most aggressive

16 Show Jumping

This uses a life animal to jump huge fences. People brake bones, get concussions, and die.The are competing against the clock to jump 10-12 5ft and higher fences. The fastest rifer wins.

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