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1 Akuru Akutsu

Worst human ever!

He is one of those characters who you either love, hate or love and hate at the same time because he acts like a jerk to everyone but its because of his childhood but I hate how all he does is study, study and just study he already has great grades but he is not satisfied because he wants an 100 all he has done is study he will never ever have fun due to how much of a nerd he is no wonder why he doesn't have any friends. He acts like a jerk to everyone except for his sister and Yoshiko's dog he calls everyone around him weird but a boy who just studies all the time and never has any fun of their own isn't very normal either especially since he already has good grades I guess he wants to be a smart person he doesn't really care about being cool like how a boy is supposed to.

I don't like him very much because he acts like a jerk. He called a 3 girls ugly because he couldn't think of an insult to bring them down making one of the girls cry. He is the true ugly one because his heart is so mean. I understand he acts like that due to the people in his life acting so annoying to him but when he made a girl cry he went way to far. He is the worst male character ever in anime.

He is so heartless and has anger issues if he were more patient he would have been more like able

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2 Yoshiko Hanabatake

I like her she's funny
I feel bad for her

3 Sayaka Sumino
4 Fuuki Iinchou
5 Akane Eimura
6 Ryuuichi Kurosaki
7 Ruri Akutsu
8 Atsuko Oshieda
9 Kii Hiiragi
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