Top Ten Airports In the U.S.

The Top Ten Airports In the U.S.

1 LAX Los Angeles International Airport
2 Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Hartsfield should be number #1 the airport has a largest airport in U.S. more than Los Angeles Airport LAX.

3 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

This is an awesome airport! The best part is when it is crowded, YEAH!

4 John F. Kennedy International Airport

Love nyc

5 Detroit International Airport


It's the best airport I've been to. I've only flown out of it once or twice, but I still find it to be really good. - Vic21102

Ok, I know the city is bad, but the airport is the best! It has a tunnel under the runway that has a light show on the walls. Unlike most airports, the tram is above the gates so you can see the airport and other stuff outside through the all glass walls. It is not to crowded, and the food variety is good. This should be in the top 3 f not number one. - ifunny

I live in suburban detroit, and I love this airport

6 Logan International Airport

Great airport. I've been here many times, and I think it's great.

Been here multiple times. I love it. Especially Terminal A.

7 Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

This place was in time magazine for best airport, how is it not number 1?

This place should be #1.

8 Port Columbus International Airport (CMH)
9 Chicago Midway International Airport
10 Tampa International Airport

It is a very nice and clean airport. Convenient and fast trams to the gate and convenient parking. If you're a plane spotter, you can get one-hour free parking at Short-term parking, with access to roof and you could see the entire airport from up there. Overall, it's a nice international airport.

The Contenders

11 Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
12 Manchester-Boston Regional Airport
13 Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Greatest airport I have ever been inside of. Hands down, no questions asked. Please. It is legendary. NWK is in the house!

14 Orlando International Airport (MCO)
15 Baltimore-Washington International Airport
16 George Bush Intercontinental Airport
17 Miami International Airport

Very beautiful at night

18 Honolulu International Airport

Prettiest by far!

19 Denver International Airport
20 San Francisco International Airport

Rip Asiana 214 out of runway - SpencerJC

21 Chicago O'Hare International Airport

This should be in first.

22 O'Hare International Airport
23 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)

I love the non-stop routes especially the international routes.

I Love the ABIA I love the transportation, I love the valet parking, I love the beautiful hotels with the nice comfy bed, I love the growth, and new airline routes and I also love that when the plane takes off it isn't so steep at all.

I'd love to see a new nonstop flight route from Austin,Tx to Honolulu, Hi. Because Hawaii is a very beautiful place and, I just think that will really increase the more passengers to the airport, and plus a lot people love traveling to very beautiful places and also I'm hoping that the flight would be a year around because in texas when the weather gets to hot or to cold they can flight to Hawaii where its nice and warm.

The FAA is planning to bring back all the nonstop flights out of the ABIA by the end of the year.

24 Bob Hope Airport
25 Pittsburgh International Airport
26 Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
27 McCarran International Airport (LAS)

@DynamicDuo-when I went to Vegas I flew in to McCarran and my aunt drove all the way there to pick us up from the airport. She lives in LA and she accompanied me, my sister and my mom on this trip.

No airport can ever top this one. It's just amazing. There are slot machines and stores immediately after getting off the plane. It's the place that leads you to an even better place, none other than Las Vegas, Nevada. It's the anticipation of exploring Vegas. When your in this airport, you know that's what you're about to do.

Does not belong on this list. If you want to rent a car, you'd better be ready fo a 20 minute wait. The rental car service there is horrific. The rest of the airport is acceptable. - DynamicDuo

28 Washington Dulles International Airport
29 Lambert - St. Louis International Airport (STL)
30 Albuquerque International Sunport

This is the best airport in the southwest! It has great shops and it's quicker for the planes to arrive and it is so fun!

ABQ Sunport is clean friendly and fast!

31 Nashville International Airport
32 Corpus Christi (CCIA)
33 Tuscola Area Airport

JK this is a small airport outside of caro michigan

JK I back hehehe chose an airport that has a one paved runway and one dirt runway

34 Fort Wayne International Airport

It might sound weird but this small airport is peaceful and nice. With the best airplanes!

35 Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Lovell Field
36 General Mitchell International (MKE)
37 Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
38 Portland International Airport (PDX)
39 Memphis International
40 William P. Hobby Airport
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