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1 Kingdom of Love

The most Amazing love Music the lyrics is full of love - AJSAMIH

Who is aj samih?

2 Show Me

It's the most amazing song holding words in Arabic and english - AJSAMIH

3 Ray of Change

It's song speaking about change and all those things that we need those days - AJSAMIH

4 Unbreakable

I love this song the story behind this song and everything - AJSAMIH

5 How to Break a Heart (Kill Me Twice)
6 Nothing In This World

Yes it's believing song not like Paris one's - AJSAMIH

7 Life Goes On
8 Antarctica

The most amazing love song for all the people it speaking about a man left his heart frozen while he was searching for his love - AJSAMIH

9 Nowhere to Belong

Wonderful song about poor and need - AJSAMIH

10 Roses and Graves

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11 Lost
12 Water or Land

The most amazing song must be the first better than any pop songs of today - AJSAMIH

13 Through the Ride
14 Why Me Why Earth
15 Fever of My Life
16 Home
17 Seven
18 My Life Tragedy
19 #1
20 Black and Blue
21 The Grey Desert Becomes Green Paradise
22 Lullaby
23 The Boy Who Walked Thousands Miles to Reach His Girl
24 Hero
25 Now
26 Goodbye
27 The Promise
28 Invisible (Don't You Cry Girl)
29 Unable to Die
30 Mirror
31 Another Life
32 Fight
33 The DJ Got Me Crazy
34 The Last One Standing
35 Savior
36 Revolution
37 Flame and Water
38 Climbing the Walls
39 I Cry
40 Real People Real Places
41 Always
42 Midnight Cinema
43 All Alone
44 Priceless Gift
45 Start the Party
46 Master Keel
47 Soundless Owl
48 Middle of the Night
49 The One
50 Paparazzi
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1. How to Break a Heart (Kill Me Twice)
2. My Death
3. Another Life
1. Seven
2. Nothing In This World
3. Fever of My Life
1. Kingdom of Love
2. I Am Who I Am and I Like It
3. The Song

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