Top 10 AJ Samih Stories That Makes You Cry


The Top Ten

1 The Frown

Surly this is the story that makes anybody cry, from the begging till the end everything happen in this story was a tragedy touch, he knew how to make us feel this story and connected with us in weird way, and makes us all feeling the different This story showed that AJ is a real writer he prove it to all his enemies and all his friends by this THE FROWN - AnglinaKey

2 The Isolation World

Its the most saddest novel of all time, at every day you shall cry and you can stop your tears - AnglinaKey

3 The X Return (The King Testament)

So Sad in this part X die, it's very hurtful when he die and the tears of the king fall it's wonderful end and so sad very sad I love this part - AnglinaKey

4 She Is Everywhere
5 Don't Let Me Down
6 Osama

Osama is a great novel must be a worldwide novel he showed another side, explaining lot of facts and make the people respect Islam - AnglinaKey

7 The Terrorist
8 The Black Cloud

It's very sad story, James was a very bad guy he mess the right road you're awesome AJ - AnglinaKey

9 Stage of Fame

Who could expect an end of a very nice story like he made it, he made me cry and he also cry when he read this story - AnglinaKey

10 The Photographer

The Contenders

11 Unleash My Reflection
12 Underdog X Underdog

It's the most sad story I read - AnglinaKey

13 Unacceptable Target
14 Inside Lina's Head
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