Top 10 AJ Samih Stories

Alexander James Samih is 16th years an old writer written lot of great stories and these are the best.

The Top Ten

1 The Frown
2 The Isolation World

Great stories holding diaries from 5 persons and connect them with a great way - AJSAMIH

3 Everyone's Greed
4 The Expiation

This is the most scary story he written it's full of great amazing attitude for the human with the most shocking ends - AJSAMIH

5 The Right Road

This book has held about 24 different Stories speaking about human from his begun til his die - AJSAMIH

6 Triangle of Death

Great story with an amazing ends - AJSAMIH

7 The Secrets of the Tanks
8 Arduous to Reach

Story speaking about small girl searching for her parents from she was 9 years an old nice story describe childhood and more It mean a lot for me - AJSAMIH

9 The Theory

The first ever novel by AJ it's 592 pages speaking about three human in one body with great steps it's so scary and holding drama the end of this story is unbelievable - AJSAMIH

10 Osama

Story about faith speaking about a guy moved to USA and he is Muslim named by osama the government accuse him in a terror murder and he is not guilty so the examiner who accuse him get followed by the ghost of the guy the end of this story make you read the story again - AJSAMIH

The Contenders

11 Mary Blone
12 The Photographer

Great tragedy story with lot of nice characters and a beautiful ends - AJSAMIH

13 Trouble With Them

Cool Story about some space creature come and live in small town with the people but the UN trying to kick them away from the earth when there's a crazy scientist trying to make them evil to control the world - AJSAMIH

14 Julie
15 Nullity
16 She Is In Everywhere
17 Last Train to Kashmir
18 My Signature
19 The Secret Key
20 200 Minutes In a Field
21 How Juliet Killed Romeo

Nice polices story with a weird ends - AJSAMIH

22 Whom Recovers the Time
23 An English Twins
24 Death Note Ultimate Soul
25 The Man Behind the Mask
26 Underdog X Underdog
27 Unacceptable Target
28 The Attack of the Millers
29 The X Return
30 John Caval and the Living Prodigy
31 Nom Ma3 Alnoom Wa Alomneem Naeem
32 7hekm Wa3abr
33 Stage of Fame
34 The Last War
35 Isolation World "The Second Dairy ((Elements of Life))"
36 X Return "Up Against Fire"
37 Isolation World "The First Dairy ((Solitary))"
38 X Return "The Cave"
39 The Escaping from Cornelius
40 The X Return "What We Have and What We Don't Have"
41 X Return "The Last War"
42 Unleash My Reflection
43 Inside Lina's Head
44 Stander Corner
45 Forgeto
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1. Inside Lina's Head
2. The Frown
3. Unleash My Reflection
1. Everyone's Greed
2. The Frown
3. The Isolation World
1. The Isolation World
2. The Frown
3. Everyone's Greed

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