Top 10 Best AJR Songs

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1 Weak Weak Cover Art

Very catchy song.

Very relatable

N1 of them

2 Sober Up Sober Up Cover Art

The strings in this song are the wire it sits on making it a great song!

And I wanna feel something again.


3 I'm Ready I'm Ready Cover Art
4 Burn the House Down Burn the House Down Cover Art

I love this one! Sober up is good too, but this one is a total jam.

We gon' burn the whole house down!

We all gonna burn dis house down

5 I'm Not Famous I'm Not Famous Cover Art
6 Come Hang Out Come Hang Out Cover Art
7 Infinity Infinity Cover Art

All my troubles gone after I heard this song! - Astral

One of the most upbeat and sweetest songs I've heard in ages

8 Woody Allen Woody Allen Cover Art

Great beat to the song!

9 Thirsty Thirsty Cover Art
10 Drama Drama Cover Art

Very AJR of a song. I love the intention behind it too "Make a song with the most first world problems we can" :D - SadLittleOctopus

The Contenders
11 Three-Thirty Three-Thirty Cover Art

It's the best song

Very catchy, Much fulfilling happiness :) - SadLittleOctopus

12 Let the Games Begin Let the Games Begin Cover Art

The first AJR song I'd ever heard and got me hooked on them :D - SadLittleOctopus

13 Bang Bang Cover Art

Bang is one of the most creative song's they've made in a while and I'm happy to see they're releasing a song!

This song is so good!

"so put your best face on everybody pretend you know this song everybody!" :)

14 Bud Like You Bud Like You Cover Art

This is literally my theme song( as in someone plays it one their phone when I walk into class, and the teacher even did it once)

15 Birthday Party Birthday Party Cover Art

Got old for me, but for a new AJR fan this is probably going to be a favorite!

€"So thank you. For coming to my birthday party. I’m one minute old today. And everything is going great.”

this song is in my head when someone says birthday 😅

16 Livin' On Love Livin' On Love Cover Art
17 Overture (The Click) Overture (The Click) Cover Art

Great medley of all the songs! - SadLittleOctopus

18 Turning Out Turning Out Cover Art

The gentleness and raw contrast sound amazing together and it's insanely relatable. Well, in my case anyway.

19 Karma Karma Cover Art

This should be top 5, It's emotional and relatable.

This songs so good, it is thoughtful and catchy; This songs so good, oh it so isn’t empty!

this one is relatable for some reason and always in my head

20 Way Less Sad Way Less Sad Cover Art

It honestly gave me a fun listen especially with the trumpets and also the pianos sound soothing and quite dark.

I like this one

21 My Calling My Calling Cover Art
22 Dear Winter Dear Winter Cover Art
23 Growing Old on Bleecker Street Growing Old on Bleecker Street Cover Art

Favorite song to sing along to

Favorite song ever. So much meaning!

24 AfterHours

One of their least popular songs but worth a listen

25 Netflix Trip Netflix Trip Cover Art
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