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1 Itano Tamomi

The most memorable AKB member of all time.

She's my favorite singer! I can't believe they spelled her name wrong it's Tomomi Itano!

I like her voice sounds like high tune, she's dancing like other's member... Her fashion is good, Fui ni, Dear J that's great work

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2 Mayu Watanabe

She has a very eerily calm and cute personality. I can actually relate to her...

Her voice sounds like someone in vocaloid, her speaking sound so cute, she can remember so much flag that looks like similar but different countries. I like otona jelly beans, valentine day kiss... And her cheek so unique, I think she is twins of Tsugunaga Momoko from Berryz Kobo at first time...

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3 Yuko Oshima

She is sexiest akb48 I have ever seen... Great smile, I like her dancing such as Heavy Rotation, End Roll...

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4 Yuki Kashiwagi
5 Kojima Haruna
6 Atsuko Maeda

She's should be up, she is so talented in sing and acting, I like her role in Q10 cute speaking robot and "Flower"s video clip is so mean... Her voice is so deep and kind of use nose sing...

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7 Aki Takajo

Takajo aki she has a beautiful voice and face. She is my favorite

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8 Haruka Shimazaki
9 Takashi Minami

She is so sweet. Great smile

Very talented!

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10 Sayaka Akimoto

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11 Shinoda Mariko V 1 Comment
12 Yuka Masuda
13 Natsuki Sato
14 Rie Kitahara
15 Asuka Kuramochi
16 Misaki Iwasa
17 Sato Amina
18 Kodama Haruka
19 Matsui Jurina

She is My Oshi.. I'm Always Support Jurina... Jurina can Make me move from music Metalcore to Pop idol... Ganbatte jurina

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20 Yokoyama Yui

She is the next leader of AKB48!

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