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1 Itano Tamomi

Her solo career is good great. I hope she joins Avex Trax in order for her career to go to new heights. And also have more reorganization and be the next queen of J-pop just like (Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada, BoA, and Kumi Koda.). Love you Tomochin.

The most memorable AKB member of all time.

She's my favorite singer! I can't believe they spelled her name wrong it's Tomomi Itano!

I like her voice sounds like high tune, she's dancing like other's member... Her fashion is good, Fui ni, Dear J that's great work

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2 Atsuko Maeda

The best ace ever

The most iconic center in akb48 history!

She was the best center and ace AKB48 ever had!

She's should be up, she is so talented in sing and acting, I like her role in Q10 cute speaking robot and "Flower"s video clip is so mean... Her voice is so deep and kind of use nose sing...

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3 Yuko Oshima

Clearly the most talented and most athletic. Her dancing is most energetic and spot on rhythmically. She could do things the other girls could not.

The only one member who can rivals Acchan the Face/Ace/Queen of AKB48 in Senbatsu

The dancing Queen of akb8, the comedian of the group, the mood maker, the queen of variety shows. Her public speaking is the best.

The best AKB member ever so far.. you could debate on the singing.. but she perfectly delivers on all her performances with confidence and charisma..

4 Kojima Haruna

She Beautiful And Sexy Hot Girl.

She's awesome!

Best personality, so funny

5 Haruka Shimazaki

Once she becomes salty she will be salt
PS. How can you not love that cute face

She's unlike any idol

Once the queen always the queen


6 Sayaka Akimoto

She is the SEXIEST Lady in the Group.

7 Mayu Watanabe

She is the reason why I like AKB48, I think she is the best member ever... so responsible and talented... I think she was the center that the group deserved since she was elected until her graduation.

My kami oshi the ultimate cyborg of cuteness!

She has a very eerily calm and cute personality. I can actually relate to her...

This my love oishi

8 Aki Takajo

Takajo aki she has a beautiful voice and face. She is my favorite

She is have a beautiful face and voice. Love it

9 Yuki Kashiwagi

Pretty and humble

Reaction Queen

Absolutely amazing voice. Most Idol-like of the group. And of course absolutely gorgeous! Kasyiwagi Yukirin-san has shown more dedication to her career as an AKB Idol than any other AKB Member to date. Not only has this 3rd Gen member yet to graduate, she is concurrently serving in both AKB and NMB while at the same time pursuing her dream of a Solo World Tour! Yu-ki-ri-n! Yu-ki-ri-n! Yu-ki-ri-n! Yu-ki-ri-n!

10 Sakura Miyawaki

She is not champion of cages.
Japanese fans love her. Korean fans Love her. Chinese fans love her. Asian fans love her. The world love her.
Sakura is AKB48 group pioneer who can break out from cell limit and has international level. Wherever she is and whenever.. people always looking for her now.
Sakura already joined world tour and will become one of the most influential AKB48 group member and also the legend.

She’s very cute and has center aura

Shes beautiful and different...

So great


The Contenders

11 Shinoda Mariko

The prettiest

I love her hardwork!


12 Matsui Jurina

She has been in SKE/AKB for so long and so she is the one member I think of when I think of akb48

love her

She has spent all of her life singing and dancing and trying to improve for us, she is literally the sun!

She was one of the most iconic member to date.

13 Takashi Minami

I like her chubby! and she's the best captain AKB48!

An idol that is love by everyone! A person with good charisma! A really nice girl. An oshimen!

A natural leader who without the group wouldn't exist lets all admit that even if achhchan is the center she wouldn't of had the courage to so

Very talented!

14 Rie Kitahara
15 Yuka Masuda
16 Asuka Kuramochi

She loves wrestling and so do i

17 Sato Amina
18 Kodama Haruka
19 Natsuki Sato
20 Misaki Iwasa
21 Miyu Takeuchi

She's so good, I stan a Queen

She's an ace, she stayed Produce 48.

She's more like an artist rather than idol. I think, she's one of the few in AKB that didn't sing nasally which is the typical jpop sound.

Shes an all rounder! She can sing, dance, compose, arrange, produce, and play multiple instruments + shes so kind and humble and adorably shy!

22 Sashihara Rino

So beautiful

The Unbeatable Queen

23 Yamamoto Sayaka

She's not the ace, center, and captain of NMB48 for nothing!

She's so underrated, her smile is amazing!

The NMB48

24 Yokoyama Yui

She is the next leader of AKB48!

25 Kasai Tomomi
26 Nana Okada

She's one of my favorite after Shinoda and Yuko.

Talented and professional. A true idol material.

27 Anna Iriyama
28 Haruka Nakagawa
29 Miho Miyazaki
30 Sae Miyazawa

My oshimen! ~ ^^

One of the reasons why I love her because of her horrible past. She was bullied by her classmates after being close with a Senpai. But no matter they let her fell down, she stands up and still fighting. - Miyaeko

31 Tomomi Itano
32 Shimada Haruka

She is amazing! even though her charm is often unnoticed due to which people fail to see her uniqueness

She works hard. She smiles so much even though she doesn't rank. And she's a great senpai to her kouhai. What's not to love about her?

33 Mina Ōba
34 Ichikawa Miori

My sweet fresh lemon kawaii girl

35 Natsuki Kojima
36 Kojima Mako

She's beautiful, intelligent, gentle... perfect! I saw how she sang in her solo version of FIRST LOVE!

37 Yuka Ogino
38 Minegishi Minami

She is my oshimen!

She has to most beautifull cheeks and mouth of all akb members and has grown into such a great idol. also her hair is like the most beautifull black their ever will be

I feel Tomomi Itano is overrated on this list, and this member is underrated. I also feel Sayaka Akimoto doesn't deserve the position she has. が"ばって みぃちゃ"!

Being my oshimen, she ranked #19 in 2017’s Senbatsu Election, however I’m sad to see she’s not a top contender. I can’t wait to see what she does in AKB48 for 2018.
Ganbatte Minegishi!
Good luck Minegishi!

39 Matsui Rena

So sweet and so pretty too!

I like her in gekikara's outfit so fashionable and her hair is great!

40 Kawaei Rina
41 Watanabe Miyuki
42 Minami Takahashi
43 Ayaka Kikuchi
44 Kojina Yui

Her personality is very refreshing and despite her top-tier appearance she is very funny! RISE JIINA RISE

45 Kato Rena

Found her in twitter, she is so beautiful!

46 Shizuka Ōya
47 Mion Mukaichi
48 Haruka Komiyama
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