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21 Yokoyama Yui

She is the next leader of AKB48!

22 Kawaei Rina
23 Yamamoto Sayaka
24 Sae Miyazawa

My oshimen! ~ ^^

One of the reasons why I love her because of her horrible past. She was bullied by her classmates after being close with a Senpai. But no matter they let her fell down, she stands up and still fighting. - Miyaeko

25 Tomomi Itano
26 Ayaka Kikuchi
27 Kojina Yui

Her personality is very refreshing and despite her top-tier appearance she is very funny! RISE JIINA RISE

28 Kato Rena

Found her in twitter, she is so beautiful!

29 Kato Rena

Found her in twitter, she is so beautiful!

30 Shimada Haruka

She works hard. She smiles so much even though she doesn't rank. And she's a great senpai to her kouhai. What's not to love about her?

31 Nana Okada

Talented and professional. A true idol material.

32 Miyu Takeuchi
33 Mina Ōba
34 Ichikawa Miori
35 Shizuka Ōya
36 Anna Iriyama
37 Natsuki Kojima
38 Watanabe Miyuki
39 Minami Takahashi
40 Minegishi Minami

She has to most beautifull cheeks and mouth of all akb members and has grown into such a great idol. also her hair is like the most beautifull black their ever will be

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