AKB48 Songs That Make You Cry

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1 Yume No Kawa

Best memories in Tokyo Dome : when they're sing this song

Every time I watch the video I bawl my eyes out

Oh my gosh... Acchan's graduation it's so sad... And I cryed so much when I see the video of Yume no Kawa in Tokyo Dome :(

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2 Anata Ga Ite Kureta Kara

I cried after watching the karaoke version.

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3 Sakura no Ki ni NarĂ´

Cried while trying to download this song. Sad indeed!

I don't know why the MV hits me so hard, but the story for it is pretty heart touching

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4 Sakura No Hanabira (Atsuko Maeda)
5 Boku No Sakura
6 Sakura No Shiori Sakura No Shiori
7 Sakura No Hanabiratachi

This song is really touching. I cry so many times when listening to this song.

This song like a poem. when I look acchan's graduation concert, really wanna cry a lot

Actually what makes you cry is the moment when all akb48 members sing this song in atsuko maeda's graduation

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8 Koko Ni Ita Koto
9 So Long!
10 Everyday, Kachuusha

I know it's strange, but this song makes me think of Acchan and her precious place in AKB48. The piano part at the end is really sad.

Because they're look energic. I really like their dance^^ looks cute and powerful

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11 Saigo No Door
12 Kyou Made No Melody
13 Senaka Kotoba

Watching the PV for this was heartbreaking, I'll always miss Takamina

14 Totteoki Christmas
15 Omoide No Hotondo
16 Kono Namida Wo Kimi Ni Sasagu
17 Chinmoku
18 Temo Demo No Namida (Yuuko & Mariko)

This is so so sad it makes me cry

19 Tenohira Ga Kataru Koto
20 Party Is Over
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