Top Ten Aladdin (2019) Songs


The Top Ten

1 A Whole New World A Whole New World

I loved it.

Yas! - BloodFang

2 Arabian Nights Arabian Nights

Love the minors, and is a pretty song to listen too

3 Friend Like Me Friend Like Me


He's no Robin Williams but Will Smith does a pretty decent job. - egnomac

Will Smith does a great job singing the song. - RadioHead03

4 One Jump Ahead
5 Jafar's Final Wish
6 Jafar Becomes Sultan
7 Carpet Chase
8 The Cave of Wonders
9 Friend Like Me (Finale)
10 Harvest Dance

The Contenders

11 Speechless - Naomi Scott

Personally, it sounds way better than let it go.

Speechless is the new Let It Go. Moreover, some of the top 10 are not even songs. In other words... these are the songs!
Arabian Night
One Jump Ahead
Friend Like Me
Prince Ali
A Whole New World
Speechles Reprise- I still put in!
Friend Like Me Reprise- Finale

12 Prince Ali
13 Desert Moon
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1. A Whole New World
2. Arabian Nights
3. One Jump Ahead
1. A Whole New World
2. Arabian Nights
3. Friend Like Me


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