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1 The Genie The Genie The Genie is a jinn appearing in the Aladdin franchise from Disney. He is never given a proper name. He was portrayed by Robin Williams in the first film.

He's hilarious he's good at magic! If it weren't for him he wouldn't be able to meet jasmine. He's sweet and caring and the best genie

Robin Williams is a perfect person for the Genie! - Ajkloth

HE is such a life saver which him Aladdin would be dead!

I wish he was real.

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2 Aladdin Aladdin

He's so funny and kind him and the parrot were definitely my favourite characters.

He is so kind thinks about abu carpet genie and jasmine! And thinks about other poor people

3 Princess Jasmine

Jasmine is beautiful sassy and doesn't let People live her life

She loves Aladdin so much that he feels so loved by her

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4 Abu V 1 Comment
5 The Sultan V 2 Comments
6 Jafar Jafar V 2 Comments
7 Iago

Well, of course, Genie's number one, so I guess I'll just vote for the second funniest character in the movie.

He's funny and has a hidden heart of gold

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8 Rajah

Rajah is a loyal pet, that's always there for Jasmine and cares about her. Rajah and Abu should team up and join the Avengers or something.

Tigers are awesome! I love Tigers!

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9 Magic Carpet

He can fly I love the magic carpet and Aladdin and abu ride on this carpet all the Disney Aladdin movies his flying is cool he reach his hand out on a flower and he hands the flower to jasmine during the whole new world he claps his hands after the genie sings friend like me to Aladdin and abu

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10 Razoul

Always looking for a battle with the poors.

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11 The Lamp Seller

He's very quirky. Did you know he is actually genie?

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