Best Alan Parsons Project Songs

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1 Eye In the Sky Eye In the Sky Cover Art

Best Alan Parson Project's song of all time.

2 Old and Wise Old and Wise Cover Art

Strange top 10 this song is a classic. Days are numbers and turn of a friendly card are among the songs that are conspicuously missing

Wonderfully profound lyrics. The outro is simply celestial.

This song is so calming and perfect. A timeless classic!

3 Games People Play Games People Play Cover Art

Rocks. Love the juxtaposing of the somber message in the lyrics with the upbeat music.

Love the vocals! Just a great 80's song!

It rocks way too much

Love this tune

4 I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You Cover Art

Easily the best APP song, with it's commentary of humanity from the point of view of a robot and the absolutely jiving and strutting beat, it simply cannot be beat.

I don't know but this song just should be number 2 at least.

5 Time Time Cover Art

This maybe a song I have at my funeral. I should have used it at my son's funeral. Beautiful song!

This song is so beautiful that it makes me cry all the time. One of the bests!

This is the most beautiful song from Alan Parsons Project.

Best of all their songs.

6 Sirius Sirius Cover Art

I can't imagine that this song is so low on this list!

7 The Raven The Raven Cover Art
8 You Lie Down With Dogs You Lie Down With Dogs Cover Art
9 Don't Answer Me Don't Answer Me Cover Art
10 Breakdown Breakdown Cover Art
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11 Prime Time Prime Time Cover Art
12 Some Other Time Some Other Time Cover Art

My personal favorite Alan Parsons Song.

Best Song on "I Robot! "

13 Step by Step Step by Step Cover Art
14 I'd Rather Be a Man I'd Rather Be a Man Cover Art
15 Damned If I Do Damned If I Do Cover Art

This is perhaps the most powerful hard driving orchestral rock song APP ever did! Such intense emotion!

Third best song, behind Eye In The Sky and Games People Play. Don't Answer Me should be higher.

Infectious tune. Great strings.

16 Silence and I Silence and I Cover Art
17 Turn of a Friendly Card Turn of a Friendly Card Cover Art

One of their best efforts. It eloquently shows what gambling's like. In addition, I occasionaly find myself singing ''Nothing's good, the news is baad...''. Its sounds so cheerful even if it's so pessimistic.

Such a great song all around, but the "Nothing left to lose" section is especially beautiful! Shame it has such a low ranking!

18 (The System Of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether

Best Song on the best album.

19 The Eagle Will Rise Again The Eagle Will Rise Again Cover Art
20 Dancing On a Highwire Dancing On a Highwire Cover Art
21 Don't Let It Show Don't Let It Show Cover Art
22 Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) Cover Art
23 The Fall of the House of Usher The Fall of the House of Usher Cover Art
24 La Sagrada Familia La Sagrada Familia Cover Art

This may not be my absolute favorite Parsons song but I'm aghast that it wasn't even on the list! What an epic and brilliant song this is! It's at least the best song from their last four albums, "Ammonia Avenue" through "Gaudi! "

25 Mammagamma Mammagamma Cover Art
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