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1 Faded Faded Cover Art

Love this song I have listened to it so much that I now have memorized this. I love to sing this (I sing a lot at school because it calms me). - Depression

I love this song, you guys are probably gonna think me crazy but I listen to this everyday, and I'm singing in the talent show at my school.
April 23/19

There is obviously a great reason for its voting... Just here and feel the song... All devoted to Alan walker specially for Faded

I like this song but not the best hey did the best is Darkside ( also me favorite song ever) but this song is the 2nd best!

2 Spectre Spectre Cover Art

I used to think faded was the best but once I started listening to this more I changed my mind

Hello hello can you hear me as I screen your name. My favorite song I
ever hear the tune is amazing

This is a awesome song. I think it is top 2 in Alan Walker all songs

This is better than faded, honestly. It should be number 1! If you still think faded is better, listen to this. It’s a beautiful masterpiece.

3 Sing Me to Sleep Sing Me to Sleep Cover Art

This is the first music of Alan Walker that I listened at. I was walking outside and stopped walking soon as I heard it. Calm, serene and got lots of emotions in it!

Sing this song to get someone to sing you to sleep beautiful song even though I am a boy, I can sing it beautifully!

It's so calming! Perfect song for gaming. I listen to this every time I'm gaming!

It is perfect and has same theme as Human by Christina Perri! My 3rd favorite.

4 Darkside Darkside Cover Art

Ok why is this so low. I mean well a lot of his songs are amazing but this is so low? This should at LEAST be top 10 if not top 5.

- Darkside
-Lost Control

Those are my favorites.

At first, my favourite Alan Walker song was "Faded". But, when I heard this legendary song, I change my mind and this song is pretty attractive.

At first I didn't really like this, but then I listened to it again and again and it is the BEST (after sing me to sleep and faded.)

By far the best one they ever did. (also my favorite song) This should b e#1 then Faded. (which is also good). I love Alan Walker!

5 All Falls Down All Falls Down Cover Art

The lyric maybe more straight forward but it fills with lots of strong emotions. Really good!

I like how they sang it and how catchy the song is

It's really good, you should listen to it

Dude, literary, this should be number 1!

6 Force Force Cover Art

This is by far the best Alan Walker song. Faded and Spectre are incredible as well, but most of the songs other than those are nothing compared to force. Force is Alan Walker's masterpiece.

Who ever wrote "Best song ever" I agree with you.

The best, should get way more views

Never heard report when heard.

7 Ignite Ignite Cover Art

I love this song when I asked my Alexa to play Alan Walker songs this one was the first one she played and I was INSTANTLY in love with it. - Depression

The perfect song! as if a mixture of my second and third favourite songs, "darkside" and "faded" that pushes it up to my number one!

Realistic song, good for satire the real life! Let's life in our dream!

The best of Alan Walker. Faded isn't so good (no offense). Definitely should be number 1.

8 Alone Alone Cover Art

This song helped me get over some rough times. Thank you Alan Walker

This is one of my favorite songs. Such a great beat. How is this not 1 or 2?

This is my second favorite song but I love it

This comes second after Faded.

9 On My Way On My Way Cover Art

Best song ever by alan walker
Shouldn't be in 8th position gotta be first.Awesome motivational song. Its one of alan walker songs which give importance to the vocals of the singer
Struck between ignite and on my way
And sabrina carpenter just compliments the tunes of alan walker and hits the high note in the chorus perfectly❤

Best song. Sabrina carpenter's voice just compliments the tunes of Alan Walker so well. Love the high notes of the chorus. My new earworm

Why is it in no. 8? so heartless
Best song ever made by alan walker compliments Sabrina carpenter voice so well love the chorus

Excellent song, takes me to an imaginary situation where my life is ending and all the emotions start running in my veins. simply amazing!

10 Faded (Restrung) Faded (Restrung) Cover Art

I honestly like the restrung version better

good work fan of alan waker and you the most

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11 Lonely Lonely Cover Art

Amazing song, and if there is a singing contest and you have a girl w/ you, high chance you're gonna win

12 Fade Fade Cover Art

This should be number one.why isn't it there?
And it's way better than faded(sorry to be mean but I'm just being realist). It really should be number one.

This is the same thing as Faded but it's the backround music.

13 Play Play Cover Art

This is SUCH a good song, it really should be higher. The name is kinda bad, that might be why, but the song itself is amazing. Amazing.

Play is DEFINITELY the best. I love it! I even memorized the lyrics and the melody of it. It is SO GOOD. You should vote for Play!
GO, PLAY! (Chants)

This song is ' awesome

Newest and best

14 Sheep Sheep Cover Art
15 Lily Lily Cover Art

This song is so addictive, I got my friends to listen to this and they instantly loved it. Likes seriously, this legit HAS to be in the top five.

How is this NOT in top ten? Really good melody! Beautiful music

Interesting lyrics that tell a... story?

Overall a great song

Amazing song, great melody. I listen to it on repeat

16 Tired Tired Cover Art

This is a good song because of the lyrics. and the tune
" You'll love me when your heart is tired." this line is half of why I love this song

Something different, Alan Walker always makes "Faded"

This and Darkside should be #1 they are both awesome

It's a very nice song. I don't even know how to discribe it.

17 Diamond Heart Diamond Heart Cover Art

What, seriously 18, no it can be, this is his best song ever, it just too good to be a song, 100% good lyrics, 100% good voice, 100% good beat, 100 good background. 100 perfect song.
1. Diamond heart
2. Faded
3. Spectre
4. Darksiders
5. Lily
6. On my way
7. Sing me to sleep.

Really no.18, plis take this to no. 1 Where it deserve. It far miles better than faded and spectre.

Common the song has the best lyrics, good background, vocal, emotion and inspiration. What else did you want from a song

The lyrics on this song are so amazing and so highly worked up. I think this should definitely be in the top 3.

I LOVE this song because it's so sad but at the same time it has so many feeling.

18 Different World Different World Cover Art

This really should be #1. It really should be. It's just, beautiful, and so relatable.

Definitely one of his best songs.

19 Time (Remix)
20 Lost Control Lost Control Cover Art

This song is excellently worked up. After different world, the song 'Lost Control' narrates that a human being is too little to its mother nature...

I have never heard of this until just now and I looked it up on youtube and I love it! ( Rouitne is good to)

Heard it while listening to alan walker mix. thought it was really good

It must be in top 10

21 This is Me This is Me Cover Art

This song sends a message

22 Alone, Pt. II Alone, Pt. II Cover Art

New song but best

Why isn’t this #1? Best collaboration ever!

wow wow my best ever

Mind blowing

23 Faded (Instrumental)
24 Routine Routine Cover Art

How is this fifteenth

25 Hope
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