Top 10 Albert Moments From The Loud House

This time around were going to focus on the Loud kids grandfather Albert aka Pop Pop and countdown his top moments from the Loud House.
The Top Ten
1 Albert Has a Heart to Heart Talk with Lisa - Geriatrics

After Lisa tires various methods to help extend Pop Pop's life including having him wear a suit to keep him living longer however after finding out that Pop Pop that the suit which requires a lot of charging would prevent him from being from doing all the stuff he enjoys such as dancing with Myrtle or even having hugs with Lisa he sits her down and have a heart to heart talk with her saying while her intentions were good she's not only causing a lot of trouble for him but for herself stating that even though he won't be able to live forever he still has a lot of time ahead of him and wants to live every day until then to the fullest and after seeing things from his point of view agrees to let him take the suit off.

2 Albert and Lisa Hug - Geriantics

After Albert and Lisa have the talk about even though he may not live long but plans to live life to the fullest Pop Pop and Lisa hug.

3 Albert Attacks Seymore for Thinking He Was Trying to Steal Myrtle from Him - Insta-Gran

The Loud kids attempt to break Pop Pop and Myrtle up by using a photo shop picture of Myrtle and his friend Seymore kissing however they regret this after learning the sad story of how Myrtle never had a family and was just trying to make up for lost time however while Lynn and Lincoln try to get the photo back they find out Pop Pop saw the photo as they hear screaming coming from the pool area as they find Pop Pop chasing after Seymore accusing him of trying to steal Myrtle from him.

4 Albert Breakdances - The Old and the Restless

After Lincoln takes Pop Pop out to have a good time showing him that he's not helpless and still active only for Pop Pop to go overboard in having more fun ignoring Lincoln's warnings about Sue's curfew and in one scene he's shown breakdancing for a couple of people.

5 Albert Streaks at the Baseball Game - The Old and the Restless

After Pop Pop runs off with T-Bone to a bar for bull riding contest but finds that Pop Pop has run off again as Lincoln sees on the TV Pop Pop streaking during a baseball game as Lincoln heads there.

6 Albert Dances with the Waitress at the Diner - The Old and the Restless

While eating at the Dine N Dance with Lincoln when an announcement is made that its time to do the twist as one of the waitresses offers to dance with Albert who hesitates due to Sue telling him dancing is a great way to slip a disk until Lincoln reminds him he loves to dance as Albert agrees to dance with the waitress.

7 Albert and Myrtle Team Up for the Astonishing Quest - Racing Hearts

For the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest scavenger hunt where Luna and Sam are competing in as a team several other characters pair up in teams including Albert and Myrtle.

8 Albert Dances with Myrtle - Geriantics

After having the talk with Lisa Albert plays some Shuffleboarding with his friends and dances with Myrtle as Lisa ends off the episode by making him promise her to just keep being himself.

9 Alberto Goes Skinny Dipping in the Pool - The Old and the Restless

At the end of the episode as Lincoln is leaving Albert is informed by his friends that their going to have a late night swim in the pool as he says goodbye to Lincoln as she instantly removes his clothes as he joins the others in the pool while Lincoln looks on awkwardly.

10 Albert Plays Paintball -the Old and the Restless

After Sue makes Albert take a nap as Lincoln informs him that Sue has made him believe that his old and frail but he's not as he reminds him the last time they hung out he crushed the Navy Seals in paintball as a flashback is shown of Albert taking out the Navy Seals in paintball while swinging from a vine as he remembers put claims that it was years ago as Lincoln points out that it was last month.

The Contenders
11 Albert Introduces the Family to Myrtle - Insta-Gram
12 Albert in the Freezing Pool - Geriantics
13 Albert Being Carried by the Loud Siblings - Spell It Out
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