Top Ten Best Album Covers of 2018

The music landscape of 2018 is not only interesting because the songs, albums and EPs that dropped, but also because of the cool cover artworks that were released along the way. With the current crossover of genres, aesthetics and target groups, there is probably more creative freedom with the choice of what to depict on the cover, not needing it to indicate the record's sound anymore.

What counts are the covers of albums (studio and compilation), mixtapes and EPs, whether available physically or digitally.

It does not matter if the artwork accurately reflects the music, or if the album is any good. It's purely about the looks.

The Top Ten

1 Planet Megatron - RIN Planet Megatron - RIN Product Image
2 Queen of Time - Amorphis Queen of Time - Amorphis Product Image
3 Simulation Theory - Muse Simulation Theory - Muse Product Image

Woah! Trippy neon - LightningStrike

4 G.R.N.D. - GARNiDELiA G.R.N.D. - GARNiDELiA Product Image
5 Algorythm - Beyond Creation Algorythm - Beyond Creation Product Image
6 The Arrow of Satan is Drawn - Bloodbath The Arrow of Satan is Drawn - Bloodbath Product Image
7 The Aftermath - Midnattsol The Aftermath - Midnattsol Product Image
8 Sign of the Dragonhead - Leaves' Eyes Sign of the Dragonhead - Leaves' Eyes Product Image
9 Amr - Ihsahn Amr - Ihsahn Product Image
10 Here Come The Aliens - Kim Wilde Here Come The Aliens - Kim Wilde Product Image

The Contenders

11 Ephorize - Cupcakke Ephorize - Cupcakke Product Image
12 Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts Product Image
13 Firepower - Judas Priest Firepower - Judas Priest Product Image

Having it being called "Firepower" really does give us a little clue about what that thing really is. - LightningStrike

That album cover is super awesome. I added this by the way. - PhoenixAura81

It’s a flame warrior knight thing, super awesome and dope!

14 Mania - Fallout Boy Mania - Fallout Boy Product Image
15 Ember - Breaking Benjamin Ember - Breaking Benjamin Product Image
16 Love /// Disconnect - Gojii Love /// Disconnect - Gojii Product Image
17 Ømni - Angra Ømni - Angra Product Image
18 Verde - Marsimoto Verde - Marsimoto Product Image
19 Amerikkkant - Ministry Amerikkkant - Ministry Product Image
20 Diluvium - Obscura Diluvium - Obscura Product Image
21 Egypt Station - Paul McCartney Egypt Station - Paul McCartney Product Image
22 Recalibrate - Rchetype Recalibrate - Rchetype Product Image
23 Beloved Antichrist - Therion Beloved Antichrist - Therion Product Image
24 Endstufe - Summer Cem

Nice car - LightningStrike

25 Kin - Mogwai Kin - Mogwai Product Image
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