Top 10 Album Covers that Work Perfectly for T-Shirts

Any shirts you're going to buy? Oh, And are you into music as well? Well I have an idea just for you, how about get a music T-Shirt. Everyone will notice your nice music taste and yourself too. And this list will show you what's perfectly designed for shirts just right. Here we have a list of iconic music albums that work perfectly for T-Shirts right here, my friends.
The Top Ten
Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd Product Image

The obvious number 1. It is very simple but also very elegant, and it is perfect on a t-shirt. I have three different Dark Side of the Moon shirts.

I know someone that had Pink Floyd socks that he would wear to all of our football games

I actually have a shirt of this album cover. It fits really well on it.

I have a shirt with this.

Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses Product Image

It looks just like a symbol. Not only because of the black background but also because it's a cross with each member on it. It looks just like something for a t shirt just fine.

A Night at the Opera - Queen A Night at the Opera - Queen Product Image

I actually think it looks better on a t-shirt. I don't why, but I do...

I forgot about this one

Ride the Lightning - Metallica Ride the Lightning - Metallica Product Image

This is my school account picture. I want it as a shirt though

Yes, totally epic for an album cover and shirt

Blackstar - David Bowie Blackstar - David Bowie Product Image

David Bowie's final album even fits perfect because they tried to make an album cover so uniquely simple that they actually did it. This deserves to be an icon just perfectly.

Highway to Hell - AC/DC Highway to Hell - AC/DC Product Image
Black Panther - Kendrick Lamar Black Panther - Kendrick Lamar Product Image

Marvel fans check here.

Black Album - Metallica Black Album - Metallica Product Image

This is classiness right here. The don't tread on me snake has got to be known for America from the early days and Metallica's best selling album of all time. This is perfect.

American Idiot - Green Day American Idiot - Green Day Product Image
New Religion - Primal Fear New Religion - Primal Fear Product Image
The Contenders
Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division Product Image

Look at that. Thin lines forming a rectangle. The vertical center rising making it form mountains. This is very familiar right? It even works very well for a shirt too.

The Wall - Pink Floyd The Wall - Pink Floyd Product Image

The iconic wall background can be really good for the shirt design and the text on front too. Another icon from Pink Floyd. Another very noticeable thing that represents the meaning of icon music.

Obituary - Obituary Obituary - Obituary Product Image
A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park Product Image
Parachutes - Coldplay Parachutes - Coldplay Product Image

I mean, it's coldplay... Early Coldplay. The black background is back again with a spinning globe with that blur effect. Very cool and iconic and very good for shirts.

Diluvium - Obscura Diluvium - Obscura Product Image
Nevermind - Nirvana Nevermind - Nirvana Product Image

Used to have a shirt of this, actually.

Black In Black - AC/DC Black In Black - AC/DC Product Image

We know that AC⚡DC shirts are highly sold right? Well this is kind of like that. It has the logo with the text back in black below it. This is another very good one.

Evolve - Imagine Dragons Evolve - Imagine Dragons Product Image
Revolution Radio - Green Day Revolution Radio - Green Day Product Image
And Justice for All - Metallica And Justice for All - Metallica Product Image
Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park Product Image

Yes. This is really cool.

Loud - Rihanna Loud - Rihanna Product Image
Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Eminem Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Eminem Product Image
Am - Arctic Monkeys Am - Arctic Monkeys Product Image
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