Top 10 Albums of the 2010s that Will Most Likely Become Cult Classics

This is not what you think is the best album of the decade, but one you assume will be considered as the most popular of the decade retrospectively.

The Top Ten

1 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

A cult favorite among prison inmates convicted of murder.

2 21 - Adele
3 The Heist - Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis
4 To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

As great as MBDTF was, I voted for this because while it isn't the best album I've heard in years (Blackstar and maybe Skeleton Tree have topped it this year), it's the most important album I've heard in years. - WonkeyDude98

5 Lemonade - Beyoncé

No, it's not exactly the next Bonnie Tyler or Kate Bush, but it's still Beyonce's best album. - Swellow

6 If You're Reading This It's Too Late - Drake
7 1989 - Taylor Swift
8 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex

Considering I might be the only one who liked this, I doubt it - ProPanda

9 Dream With Me - Jackie Evancho

Or, it could mean that they are no longer in High School, and actually know how to write.

The CD's production by David "The Hitman" Foster, along with the iconic setlist, and the spectacular performances by her in the elaborate 1-hour T.V. special make this one the Jackie Evancho release that will endure for decades.

Actually I was the one adding the other Jackie Evancho album when creating the list. - Martin_Canine

10 The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Eminem

The Contenders

11 Songs From the Silver Screen - Jackie Evancho

A very good CD, but not nearly the same "degree of difficulty" as Dream With Me, and the movie-theme idea restricted the song choices, so is less likely to be as popular in the distant future.

12 .5 the Gray Chapter - Slipknot
13 Southern Family - Southern Family

Country is so underrated, and among country fans this WILL go down as a classic. - WonkeyDude98

14 At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian

Released in 2010, this album will not become popular because music is too complex and unusual for the pop culture but it's already a cult classic for the metal fans, with songs like Wheel Of Time, Sacred Worlds, Curse my Name, Tanelorn, Valkyries. - Metal_Treasure

15 The Money Store - Death Grips
16 Blonde - Frank Ocean
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