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1 Awakening - Jackie Evancho

Hello, world... Prepare to get blown out of your socks!

The single from the Awakening album, "The Rains of Castamere" (from Game Of Thrones) will be released on iTunes and Tuesday, June 10th. It's already on yahoo music and YouTube in lower resolution, and it sounds great! Go, Jackie!

Sure to earn a Grammy nomination!

This list sucks. Why aren't albums by bands such as Mayhem, Judas Priest, Mastodon etc, not in the top ten? - IronSabbathPriest

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2 The Hunting Party - Linkin Park

I sort of like listening to this album when there is nothing else to do.

This album is very listening.

Finally we can look forward to good Linkin Park albums again

This is Linkin Park's hardest album and I like the new direction

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3 To Be Kind - Swans

Why are Linkin Park, Taylor Swift & Jackie Evancho above this? Those albums aren't bad, but they're nothing compared to To Be Kind. - djpenquin999

Absolutely fantastic album! Should be in the top 5! - JackRodriguez

This album, apart from the first half, literally has zero flaws. Best album of 2014, hands down. - SwagFlicks

I’m happy this non poppy album is top 3. But it should be number 1 and 3rd best of the decade behind My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and To Pimp A Butterfly (until 2018)

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4 Rock or Bust - AC/DC

AC/DC has never gone anywhere groundbreaking with their sound, but it works for them, and while this album doesn't look like we'll remember it like the other classic AC/DC albums, it delivers. It certainly doesn't deserve to be this high up on the list.

"Play Ball", is my new favorite AC/DC song. - Caleb9000

Best album of the DECADE. play ball is a masterpiece. - gemcloben

5 The Endless River - Pink Floyd

Amazing album! Another masterpiece by Pink Floyd. best album of the year, the second best is To Be Kind - Swans.

Pink Floyd are legends - gemcloben

Their last album ever. Truly a masterpiece.

Wonderful way to finish

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6 1000 Forms of Fear - Sia

This is the best album of 2014 and I don't care what anybody has to say about it. Sia is one of the only singers that know how to sing soulful yet pop music nowadays.

7 1989 - Taylor Swift

I can truthfully say I am not disappointed with her album, as I originally thought I would be. All the songs sound like future ballads and even one of the bonus tracks is one of my favourite songs. I think Taylor did a good job on this one.

Each track is memorable and beautiful. 1989 is a to-be classic hit with the hottest break up and love songs. Love love love. I don't know if anyone in the USA has not heard a song from the album!

A genius album, her second best album tied with "Red", behind "Speak Now." Really shows how mature Taylor's become.

There were no promble of any songs, I like this one better than the new album.

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8 Run the Jewels 2 - Run the Jewels

The only GOOD album that year had to offer. 8/10 - AlphaQ

Uhhh, undoubtedly the best hip hop album of 2014 sits at 43, behing rick ross, sage the gemini, and shady xv. This list is pretty awful

I'm sorry, but how on earth is this album below Shady XV, I am an Em fan, and that album was just mediocre, Run The Jewels is a masterpiece, EL-P's production is otherwordly, and the 1 2 punch of Killer Mike and El-p in the mic is incredible

9 Trigga - Trey Songz
10 X - Ed Sheeran

Confused as to how this hasn't made it to number 1 yet, let alone be added to the list at all? Gosh

This should be #1.

Music by Gingers should be banned.

Best album IN YEARS

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? Monster - Future

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11 V - Maroon 5
12 St. Vincent - St. Vincent

Should be higher on the list. This album was great. - SomePeopleHaveRealProblems

13 My Own Lane - Kid Ink
14 X - Chris Brown

Chris Brown is not in prison only because he is a popular social figure, which is not a valid reason. He needs to go to jail and learn that beating up women is not OK.

This album is just amazing beyond belief


Chris Brown the BOSS

15 Mandatory Fun - "Weird Al" Yankovic

This album is going go down as his best albums it has tacky foil word crimes and many more amazing songs

16 Black Messiah - D'angelo and the Vanguard
17 Sonic Highways - Foo Fighters

What needs to be said

18 Ultraviolence - Lana del Rey

The best album of 2014. Lana delivered an instant rock classic album. Beautifully put together & gorgeous vocals / lyrics.

Um no1 please! The top ten should have been. The worst of the year! *walks of singing ultraviolence *

19 Shady XV - Shady Records

Incredibly underrated... Em, Slaughterhouse and Yela KILL their tracks/verses; so do Sean and Danny on DvE. Guts Over Fear, Detroit vs. Everybody, Y'all Ready Know, Psychopath Killer, ShadyXV, Vegas, Fine Line... All of them are so good. Compilation Record Label album is the only reason it hasn't gotten as much attention.

20 Hozier - Hozier
21 Lost In the Dream - The War On Drugs

An all time favorite of mine. Incredible opening and ending not to mention everything in between.

22 Shakira - Shakira

It was my most anticipated album 2014... And I wasn't disappointed at all. I love this album! I love Shakira! - AtlasUniverse

23 Everything Will Be Alright In the End - Weezer

I think everyone can agree with me that if Weezer would have promoted this Album more, they would have easily won Album of the Year, rather than Beck.

24 Remember Me - Sage the Gemini

If you want to find real rap, look no further than Sage the Gemini. - SelfDestruct

25 The Black Market - Rise Against
26 White Devil Armory - Overkill
27 My Everything - Ariana Grande

I Only Like This Because Problem Is Hilarious - VideoGamefan5

Should be ranked much higher than this. It includes Love me harder, problem, break free, alittle bit of your herat and many more favorites!

28 Oxymoron - Schoolboy Q

Oxymoron is a classic. Q killed this, no disrespect to anyone else on this list, but I like all music and the only album that really stands out is Oxy. Animal Ambition is nothing special, Ghost Stories is good, but it isn't something people will talk about in a years time.

29 In the Lonely Hour - Sam Smith

This masterpiece must be in top 3


30 Queen of the Clouds - Tove Lo
31 Ghost Stories - Coldplay

Great album, you get amazing songs like A Sky Full of Stars, Magic, True Love, Midnight, Always In My Head, Ink, and all the other songs on this album! Oh, and the artwork cover for the album is amazing.

32 Animal Ambition: an Untamed Desire to Win - 50 Cent
33 La Gargola - Chevelle

My 2nd favorite Chevrolet album right behind wonder what's next

34 While (1<2) - Deadmau5

Definitely my favourite album so far this year. - PositronWildhawk

Probably my No. 3 album of all time

This album is a masterpeice! From energetic house music to beautiful ambient piano prices, it's so hecking good! - Slipperyjack40

35 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

#39. The best pop album of the decade does not deserve to barely hang in the top 40. - ProPanda

36 Redeemer of Souls - Judas Priest

Priest never lets you down. - gemcloben

37 Fantastic Magic - TK
38 Deathless - Revocation
39 Going to Hell - The Pretty Reckless
40 Xscape - Michael Jackson
41 CLPPNG - Clipping

The production on this is amazing; this is the best hip hop album of 2014 for sure. It's best songs are: Get Up, Inside Out, Story 2.

This album kicked in my door, beat me up, took all the food out of my fridge and left me writhing on the ground. Easily my favorite of the year 9/10

This band continue to blow my mind

42 .5 the Gray Chapter - Slipknot

Why is Taylor Swift and Sia above this great album by one of the greatest metal bands of this generation? Damn, this album is like a mixtape. It's fire man - SirSkeletorThe3rd

43 Lp1 - Fka Twigs
44 Arche - Dir En Grey
45 The Satanist - Behemoth
46 Royal Blood - Royal Blood

Best Debut of a band I have ever heard. So excited what will happen to this band in the next time

This band is so good.

Amazing of course everyone her listens to mainstream music urgh - ollieb

47 Citadel - Ne Obliviscaris
48 The Weird and Wonderful - Marmozets
50 Nothing More - Nothing More

My favorite Nothing More album. It's one of the greatest rock albums to get popular in recent years. - cjWriter1997

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