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21 Lost In the Dream - The War On Drugs

An all time favorite of mine. Incredible opening and ending not to mention everything in between.

22 Shakira - Shakira

It was my most anticipated album 2014... And I wasn't disappointed at all. I love this album! I love Shakira! - AtlasUniverse

23 Everything Will Be Alright In the End - Weezer

I think everyone can agree with me that if Weezer would have promoted this Album more, they would have easily won Album of the Year, rather than Beck.

24 Remember Me - Sage the Gemini

If you want to find real rap, look no further than Sage the Gemini. - SelfDestruct

25 The Black Market - Rise Against
26 White Devil Armory - Overkill
27 My Everything - Ariana Grande

I Only Like This Because Problem Is Hilarious - VideoGamefan5

Should be ranked much higher than this. It includes Love me harder, problem, break free, alittle bit of your herat and many more favorites!

28 Oxymoron - Schoolboy Q

Oxymoron is a classic. Q killed this, no disrespect to anyone else on this list, but I like all music and the only album that really stands out is Oxy. Animal Ambition is nothing special, Ghost Stories is good, but it isn't something people will talk about in a years time.

29 In the Lonely Hour - Sam Smith

This masterpiece must be in top 3


30 Queen of the Clouds - Tove Lo
31 Ghost Stories - Coldplay

Great album, you get amazing songs like A Sky Full of Stars, Magic, True Love, Midnight, Always In My Head, Ink, and all the other songs on this album! Oh, and the artwork cover for the album is amazing.

32 Animal Ambition: an Untamed Desire to Win - 50 Cent
33 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

#39. The best pop album of the decade does not deserve to barely hang in the top 40. - ProPanda

34 While (1<2) - Deadmau5

Definitely my favourite album so far this year. - PositronWildhawk

Probably my No. 3 album of all time

35 Redeemer of Souls - Judas Priest

Priest never lets you down. - gemcloben

36 La Gargola - Chevelle
37 Fantastic Magic - TK
38 Deathless - Revocation
39 Going to Hell - The Pretty Reckless
40 Xscape - Michael Jackson
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