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41 One More Light - Linkin Park

This album sucks, but regardless of that, Chester's passing is very tragic. - UltimateCraig

Amazing album. Criminally underrated. - Mr_Awesome

Bottom of the list? I liked this album... - growlbunny

Ok album not their best but some good tunes. Go away Alpha Q quit forcing your distaste down everyone's throat

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42 American Teen - Khalid
43 Synthesis - Evanescence
44 All-Amerikkkan Badass - Joey Bada$$
45 Last Young Renegade - All Time Low

It's not their best album by any means, but it beats everything else released this year. - JesseStump

46 Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine - Gnod
47 A Shadow in Time - William Basinski
48 Feed the Machine - Nickelback

Nickelback is simply an awesome rock band. All of their albums are maximum fun, with plenty of earworms, and just the right mixture of fun and seriousness, heaviness and softness, poppiness and anarchy. Well, maybe not all. "Here and Now" was just mediocre with little memorable content, and "No Fixed Address" was Nickelback's answer to Linkin Park's "Living Things" - pop throughout, but by a band that has no idea of how full pop is supposed to sound like. Now I'm glad to say that "Feed the Machine" is Nickelback as they should be. There are some heavy tracks that even have a bit of criticism, some heartfelt ballads, and overall many memorable potential hits to enjoy. And the title track ranks among their best songs to date, with thoughtful lyrics and the most powerful music and melody they ever had.

I must say, as a fan I'm absolutely satisfied, it at least doubled my expectations. - Martin_Canine

49 Grateful - DJ Khaled
50 Poppy. Computer - Poppy
51 Relatives in Descent - Protomartyr
52 Music Is The Weapon - Major Lazer
53 Humanz - Gorillaz

Just got released- amazing album - CluelessSKB

Probably their worst album, but still good!

54 Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa

This album was a pleasant surprise. I hated Blow Your Mind, but this was a solid pop record. Good job. - ProPanda

55 Wonderful Wonderful - The Killers
56 Just the Beginning - Grace Vanderwaal

I was ready to dismiss this album as another bubblegum pop album from a reality T.V. show talent contest winner aimed at little kids even before listening to it...

Boy, I was wrong, Grace Vanderwaal may only be thirteen but "Just the Beginning" is a stunning collection of songs that show a surprising amount of maturity, okay, sure she isn't completely there as a song writer but that will come in time as she is only 13, I sense a successful career in the music industry for this girl. - crowdiegal

57 To the Bone - Steven Wilson
58 Youth - Tinie Tempah
59 Emperor of Sand - Mastodon
60 Nightmare Logic - Power Trip
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